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I just installed the game and downloaded a bunch of mods (from here!), but looking at the way things are set up, I'm worried about running out of space on my C drive - just one of the mods I downloaded today totals 4 GB when installed, and my C drive is a 120 GB SSD...


Is there a way to make the game look elsewhere for stuff like mods and savegames, or will I have to use annoying filesystem tricks to make the folder itself point to another drive?

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You can easly move your mod folder, because I have moved all of mine from "C" drive too..

1. You need to copy your current mod folder to your prefered location.

2. You then either delete the mod folder on "C" drive and then create a new clean mod folder (with the minimum required TW folders), or delete the extra items you have put into the TW "C" drive mod folder.

3. Go into the original TW "C" drive "Options.ini" file and change the three references to the old "C" drive mod to your new "X" drive mod location.

Example: Directory=C:\Users\ev10555\Saved Games\ThirdWire\FirstEagles2 Eastern Front, change to Directory=X:\Users\ev10555\Saved Games\ThirdWire\FirstEagles2 Eastern Front

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