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von Baur

SoftTH, WDDM and multiple monitors

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Tried this on the "General Help" forum with no luck. Maybe I'll have some here.


I'm trying to run multiple monitors of different sizes, aspect ratios and resolutions (a 32-inch 16:9 1080p TV in the center flanked by two 19-inch 4:3 which will be stood on end portrait style). I understand that SoftTH will make that possible and I've downloded it. But the readme says that I'll need the WDDM file first. I've found various references to it but nowhere to download it for AMD video cards. Can anyone help?

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Sorry, but I never tried anything like that. I guess I would be lost with more than one screen.

I saw a lot of reference at the Microsoft and the AMD websites, but no trail of breadcrumbs

to any download. I wish you more luck with the next poster for your efforts.

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Hi von Baur,


I do realize the thread is dated, and I didn't respond at the time because I wasn't using a multi-monitor setup. However, that has changed most recently.


I now use three monitors, very similar in size and exact in orientation to your question. SoftTH has made it work, although not without some struggles - and I'm still a way from being at 100% 'set up' in my own opinion. For one thing, I've had to reduce the horizontal resolution - now vertical, flipped into portrait - on the two side monitors (I have two Dell 17" flanking a Viewsonic 27", in PLP as they say). This was so that I could get things lined up and sized; they are now both at 768x1024 and the center unit at 1920x1080. As you can tell, this causes the two outside monitors to lose a bit toward the outside edge - this is why I say I am not finished, although it does work and the effect is awesome. Still got work to do though.


I'm not sure it answers your question, but I think the WDDM refers to a 'Windows (Display) Driver Model' - and I'm guessing that the driver you would odinarily get from ATI/AMD is probably considered a 'WDM' driver.


I hope this helps - and I hope you'll share your experiences with us. I started a thread not long ago on the same subject, and I'd welcome any input.


Best of luck.

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