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An FM for the A-Teams JU-88A4 to make a "compromise" JU-88A1/5 for BoB use. The attached folder contains the Ju-88A1 ini and data ini so it should be possible to drop the entire contents of your I assume [that Wrench word!] functional JU-88A4 to create an A1 version. Possible edits required if you are using a different cockpit. JU-88A1data0.80.zip


I have noticed some lack of damage issues with the previously released DO-17Z FM so it will be getting an "emergency update" in a day or so. After that the Blenheim will get done to finish off the initial beta test BoB bomber FM's. The lack of damage issues led me astray a bit in implementing the armor as structure concept but once that gets figured out I will upload a final beta test pack that will include all the BoB bomber FM's I plan on doing.

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No problem guys. It's been quite interesting trying to get things working properly. Finally starting to see some high quality damage effects showing up. Was tracking a BF-110 and got a nice deflection shot into his R/H fuel tank which caught fire in a convincing fashion. That was the last of my ammo but I kept following him around for awhile to see what would happen. After about a minute the fire went out and when I tried to head back to base the BF-110 came after me. Another time I saw a JU-88 descending with 2 engines shut down, one of them on fire. After a bit the engine fire went out and the engine re-started! Cool stuff!

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