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  1. Hi,I was wondering if anyone's done or thought about doing the Balkans Campaign-Serbia,Yugoslavia,Bosnia,Croatia It was practactly an all air campaign by the nato-allied forces.Any thoughts?
  2. Hi All,Just a question has anyone been able to run the Janes series on a Win7,64bit computer?Found any work arounds?If so pls detail.Thanks!
  3. I would love it if someone could create Peoples Resistance Park with the Sam's stacked all over connected by main street in Hanoi for Vietnam Sea Terrain.I think we have the static Sam's now and I think everyone would enjoy being able to fly the Flight of the Intruder mission.Just an idea.
  4. Hi,This is my first post on this forum,forgive me if I have missed this info somewhere else.Question can you use multiple monitors and get assigned views with SF2?Or is there a program that I can use with to get it to do that?If you have already done this please give me a step by step how you did? Many thanks in advance for everyones help!Email me
  5. Don't run your antivirus or any other programs you don't need to run the game, I think there's a program called game booster that can help you shut off what you don't need until your done gaming.If not that one look online I'm sure there are others.
  6. B-52 Savage Mountain Incident

    We had a 52d crash at my base and I was assigned to security of the crash site and the only pieces left that were recognizable were the tail section and some of the landing gear,Everything else was confetti and unfortunately body parts. I couldn't fathom how something so big to be reduced to so little.So I think maybe the crash in your story they didn't have a lot of the plane left to bury there?
  7. SF2 WW2 ETO Republic P-47D "Razorback" Thunderbolt by Cocas

    Many Thanks to you both for creating,fine tuning,researching and delivering new versions for us all.
  8. Hey Baltika check your in box,I send you a mess of files that were all organized in folders until they were uploaded if you think something's missing or need more let me know.Too bad we can't upload folders.
  9. KwikPit Gaming Platform

    Hi, Will it support a shelf on either side for your PC tower where you might still get at it? Or pardon me if I missed it does it have a place for your PC? Thanks for a response.
  10. Hi Baltika, Found my research notes -still unpacking , Try to upload what I've got and see if you need any more? Sorry new house and first grandchild been little distracted hope you understand.
  11. Got OOB for Deliberate Force and OOB for opposing forces. Still looking for other relevant info. Who's doing the campaign?Where am I sending this to?
  12. Hey Baltika, I'm reaserching that info,But so far it seems there was only one major air campaign (Operation Deliberate Force) but I'm still gathering info.If anyone Has any great website resources they use for campaign OOB's please share…My resource library is still in many packed boxes Thanks! BTW I'm still getting moved in to the new place and trying not to freeze my ass off.(:
  13. I think Stary did a searchlights mod,Look in the D/L section.
  14. P-40E1CU

    Very cool!
  15. 4 GB patch

    Very interesting! Hope so.
  16. Belgian Hurricane Mk1

    Thanks for your attention to this area,Well done! Good show old bean!
  17. Yak-38 Forger cockpit

    Nice job! Well done.
  18. SF2 Burma Banshees

    Hey Man , A lot a work but thanks so much for doing it! Really.
  19. Let's start our list. HMS Ark ROYAL Bismarck Tripitz Prince Eugen Adm Scheer Scharnhorst Surface Raiders-U-boat tenders.
  20. Very Cool! Would like to see that in game.:-)
  21. Zumunda -The Eddie Murphy country you were thinking of. Let's retake Grenada! Ha Ha.
  22. It,s not that good at detecting spyware or playing nice with other security programs even if they're not active or loaded. In my opinion. And yes I do use Norton360 and have used Norton since back when they started with Anti - Virus.
  23. USS Zumwalt

    Is this the ship commanded by Captain James Kirk?
  24. Hey! I like that idea. Suggested this to TK sometime back but I guess Historical accuracy wasn't worth the trouble.All THAI fighter bases had these and used them esp during monsoon season when braking was reduced on the runways,Also with damaged aircraft and hung ordinance.Most S.Vietnam fighter base's had as well,I know DA Nang had for sure.:-)

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