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Hello guys,


I have an issue with sme addons, when i download a new plane I go to take it out for a spin, with most planes everything is ok, but in some cases everything works fine except for the skin that is all white!?

Here are some pictures:



Can someone tell me how to fix this problem?

(Game is SF2, the TSR2 and the Gripen are not the only planes with this problem)

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have the same Problem, the skins couldnt be loaded so far I have understand it.


I have also a massive problem with the Hornet pack, new C - D versions. I have never run them, cause the game never loaded till the end.


Ravenclaws Vipers, are nearly always white for me and the the pits also. Seem it has something to do with XP and RAM management

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With the TSR2 I have a weird problem, when I jump to an other plane and then come back its normal, but when I do that again ist white

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You are lucky, getting the white skins. It means the Memory of your system is not strong enough to run the skin.

When you are unlucky the time for loading the scene runs out and you will get a CTD. (XP or WIN8 are the same)

Why sometimes and sometimes not? It depends of the parameters of the mission. Many AI Aircraft with great skins and high resolution sky and terrain last longer to load.

You can reduce the graphics quality step by step, until the problem is history. (Shadows, mirrors, waterreflection and so on are the first for me).

At last you can delete (back up first) the sky model its a fps-eater aka RAM-eater and / or reduce the skins (some are at 4096x4096)

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