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  1. Yesterday it was announced that Croatia had chosen used Israeli F-16C/D (Block 30) Barak's to replace its fleet of ageing MiG-21BisD fighters. The deal is reportedly worth $500 million according to media reports and includes 12 aircraft (10 F-16C's and 2 F-16D's), the refurbishment (modernisation), two simulators, weapons and training. The first two are set to arrive in 2020. and the rest by 2022. The three other competitors to the Israeli offer were new Gripen C/D's, new F-16 Block 70's from the US and used F-16's from Greece. The first two offers were deemed too expensive while Greece's offer was unsatisfactory. Croatian authorities have said that they (ambitiously) plan to use these aircraft for the next 25 years at least.
  2. SAAB JAS-39F Gripen (two seater)

  3. Fascinating video of this legendary aircraft. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Russian Tupolev Tu-95MS escorted over Iranian airspace by an IRIAF F-14A while en route to Latakia Airbase, Syria.
  5. ... ... *Facepalm* the same way u change stock terrains on SF1....
  6. As far as i know you cant select a different terrain in mission editor. You have to do it beforehand, but i might be wrong
  7. Would you mind releasing that Falcon Val? Seems like a good looking bird
  8. Thank you Ed for your magnificent work. It is appreciated by everyone in this community!
  9. i just fiddled a bit with my graphic card and it seemed fo fix it

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