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  1. Hi eburger68, in the campaign every Mission starts at around 06:00. Is this correct?
  2. Hello Do 335, I use your old KAW campaign (made the ride through CombatAce for all the Downloads) and updated all the objects, when they were available. Now my question: What´s new in your Wings Over Korea? Sorry I have to ask because of slow Internet on my side. Perhaps you can make the new campaign.ini and campaigndata.ini available. Last but not least: Thank you for keeping KAW alive.
  3. "Operation Desert Storm" for SF2 (Redux) - Part 1 of 3

    I Love it. 6 Missions (F-15C) so far. Long awaitet correct heightprofile for missions (FL 260 to 300). Charming supersonic flight (at 50 % throttel). Realistic Fuel-consumption. Not enough Time to test all the other aircraft. But I am sure there are more (great) things to discover. 5 Stars.
  4. Green Hell 3.5

    Late Review: Outstanding Work! Thank you Stary! Makes my old Groundwarexpansion look so much better! By the way. Shortened my loadingtime on my old Rig 30 %. No more slowdowns on AA crowded areas!
  5. Hi dtmdragon, Small question: Can you create a campaign file for NATOFighters V? This would be the cherry on the cake for me. The Kiwis to the front
  6. New Zealand A-4K Skyhawk Pack for SF2 Re-dux MAJOR UPDATE 14/02/11

    Outstanding work!! Thank you!
  7. Nice idea. I had in mind to build a fictional campaign for my own. Called: "Traimer Wars", with only the little birds. The terrain you build should fit perfect. But I got a problem. Made a mod_Folder from SF2V and copied the terrain in the mod_Folder. But it doesn´t show up in the menue screen???
  8. Congratulations. Missing this tiny, nice toy. Is it just me? When unpacking, I got an objects folder with weapons, decals and guns. A seperate folder aircraft: Empty. And a seperate folder: Hawk_T1A.
  9. Just from stupid user no modder. PLEEEEEEEEASE! Don´t give up. What is TK like without Wrench´s (your) work.

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