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RAF added to Vietnam 1984 Campaign

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After doing reasearch I believe that NO 74 Squadron below would be the perfect unit to add to the Vietnam 1984 campaign. This unit will be carrier based.



November 1984 - No 74 Squadron reforms at Wattisham with the delivery of the first of the F4J Phantoms, given the RAF designation Phantom F3. The new fighter Phantoms are ex-US Navy aircraft de singed to fill the gap in the UK Air Defence capability, created by the need to provide full time cover on the Falklands, until the full deployment of the Tornado F3.


More info at these two link:






A screen shot preview for this campaign will be posted in the next few days:

The flyable nations and squadrons for Vietnam 1984 are:



94th TFS 'Hat in the Ring' F-15C

53rd TFS 'NATO Tigers' F-15C

4th TFS 'Fightin' Fujins'F-16A

34th TFS 'Fighting Rams' F-16A

561st TFS 'Wild Weasels' F-4E

77th TFS 'Gamblers' F-111F

175th TFS 'Lobos' A-7D



VF-21 'Freelancers' F-14A

VA-37 'Bulls' A-7B

VA-75 'Sunday Punchers' A-6A

VA-93 'Blue Blazers' A-7B

VFA-113 'Stingers' F-18

VF-161 'Chargers' F-4SL

VA-145 'Swordsmen' A-6A

VF-143 'Pukin Dogs' F-14A



VMFA-542 'Tigers' AV-8C

VMFA-314 "Black Knights" F-18




522nd Fighter Squadron F-5C



3rd Squadron RAAF Mirage III




NO 74 Squadron 'Tigers' F-4J



238th IAP Mig-29A

241st IAP Mig-25PD

243rd IAP SU-15F



1/921st "Sao Do" FR Mig-21MF

2/921st "Sao Do" FR Mig-19 (IRM)

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