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[Fictional] British Aerospace Sea Kestrel FRS.1 Gen 1 Version

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[Fictional] British Aerospace Sea Kestrel FRS.1 Gen 1 Version

BAe Sea Kestrel FRS.1 for STRIKE FIGHTERS 1 (08 Patch Level)


This is a 1st Gen conversion of the [Fictional] BAe Sea Kestrel FRS.1 by Cocas and Spinners.



1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the SeaKestrelFRS1 folder and the PILOT_RN folder into your Aircraft folder.

2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the RNCODENUMS folder into your Decals folder.


3. Adding weapons:


A. Check to see if these weapons have already been previously added.

B. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop all of the enclosed folders into your Weapons folder.

C. Weapons data needs to be added with the 08 Patch level Weapons Editor.

See Weapons Add.ini for data.


Weapons note: The SF2 "AIM-120A" was not included due to incapability. (Unicode)



CREDITS and Thanks


Cocas for the original 3D models, and exporting me a 08 level .lod to create this mod conversion.

Dels for creating the superb F-23/F-29 cockpit used here.

Spinners for Skins and putting togeather the Original package.

Myself: Package conversion and a new set of RNCode number decals.

Original Read Me included.





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