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Need Mat Name for F/A-18C pilot body and helmet

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I just made some changes to my A-10 & F/A-18C Pilot Photoshop Template, making some of the items more USN friendly, and I got the idea for updating the default VFA-94 Hornet with a custom pilot skin and helmet.


To this end, I was wondering if anybody has the 3DS Material Names for the F/A-18C pilot body and helmet (and F/A-18A just for the sake of completeness). I've tried the obvious names (e.g. pilot_f-18_body, pilot_f/a-18c_body, etc.) and had no luck.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks, Jack, and sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Was contending with a family emergency for a month, then when I got back I got target fixated on the Huey.


Just a little detail as well for testing mat names: be sure that the skin under test is the first skin of that type to be tested (i.e. make sure the F/A-18 skin you're testing is the first F/A-18 in the mission), or else the matname under test will be skipped altogether. That's what I was doing wrong, though to be honest I didn't have any better luck when I tested it right.


So far I have tested the following mat names/combos:


pilot_x_body and pilot_x_helmet where x is:

  • f18c
  • f-18c
  • f18
  • a-18c
  • f_a-18c
  • fa18
  • fa18c

I also tried pilot_f-18c and hgu55 for the pilot and helmet respectively. No luck with anything so far.


Jack, I'd love to get the matnames for the pilot/helmet so I could hook you up with detailed pilots for your line of skins.

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Pilot's Body: Material Name: pilot_F18C_body, Texture name: pilot_fa-18c


Pilot's Helmet: Material Name: pilot_F18C_helmet, Texture name: hgu55


Pilot's Helmet Visor: Material Name: F18C_Helmet_Glass, Texture name hgu55



AFAIK, They are Case Sensitive.


I'll double check when I get home from office. Material names Might have changed with some of the recent updates.

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Thanks, Skate. I'll give them a go.


While I have your attention, do you know the mat name(s) for the Su-27 pilot?

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Mat.: pilot_SU_body

tex: pilot_su



and the material names above are correct.

F-18C does use the same Normal map as the A-10 though

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And they work great!


Interestingly enough, I thought that if you were going with a new matname you had to make that skin under test the first in the sequence. With the Hornets, it was the last plane in the sequence (i.e. the -4) that had the visible custom textures, though I had no real way of discovering this until I knew the matnames.


So here is a taste of what's been done so far and what is to come:


VFA-103 Jolly Rogers line bird (by Jack). The pilot is the 2048x2048 texture built from my A-10/F-18 Pilot Template, with custom 1024x1024 helmets as well. For the generic USN helmet, I have a custom 1024x1024 helmet based on the reflective USN version of the HGU-55.



For the CAG/CO birds, I have given the pilot skin Commander insignia. I realize that anybody flies the CO/CAG bird, but this is a symbolic gesture.



@Jack, if you would like, I'd be happy to create a collection of USN pilot skins for you to distribute with your excellent Hornet skins. Helmets may take more work, so they're not as high on my priority list, but I can do the pilots pretty quickly.

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I just did the ones that you have already done, though in my template I do have other squadrons as well. Let me know what you're planning next and I'll look up the organizational patches and helmet art (doing that for every squadron is just too much).

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