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Mirage IIIRZ South African Air Force

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Mirage IIIRZ South African Air Force

Mirage IIIRZ South African Air Force


Install - Need Update July 2012 and DLC Mirage IIIO


Type: Single seat reconnaissance / Fighter

Manufacturer: Dassault (France)

Wing Span: 26.97 ft. / 8.22 M

Length: 50.85 ft. / 15.50 M

Height: 14.76 ft. / 4.50 M

Wing Area: 376.75 Sq ft. / 35 Sq M

Weight Empty: 15,983 lb. / 7,250 Kg

Weight Takeoff: 21,715 lb. / 9,850 Kg ( Recon Mission)

Weight Maximum: 29,872 lb / 13,350 kg

Powerplant: 1 x Snecma Atar 9C turbojet w/afterburner

Max Speed At Cruising Level: Mach 2.2 @ 40,000ft (12,000mt)

Combat Radius: 760 miles / 1220 km clean

Armament: Two DEFA 30mm Canon, Matra R.530 and AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.

Cameras: 5 x Omera type 31 cameras, SAT Cyclops infra-red

Runway Required: Take off and land on 2600ft / 800mt

Mirage III RZ No 836 was one of four Mirage III RZ's delivered to the SAAF in 1967 for tactical reconnaissance and were the first of the Mirage variants in the SAAF to wear camouflage.



Animed Cockpit - SHFT + 1


Texture Temp by Ludo

data.ini - Coupi

decals - Coupi

Texture - Denis Oliveira

3D mod - Denis Oliveira

Cockpit and Avioncs ini - Coupi


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