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  1. F-21A or IAF KFIR - Flight Manual

    Looking forward to this module!
  2. Mirage F-1EQ4

    Muito Bom
  3. Mirage F-1EQ4

    Grande Trabalho !
  4. Gentlemen, I will try to put together all the updates, it is possible to see how they have been updated. https://github.com/denissoliveira/SFP2_ST/commit/222ed9fc1e4c4618c8041f82ad203a8e16ff4858
  5. To a very important tip in this topic, I did not pay attention to that. The lods are the same, only download normally here on the site.
  6. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/93448-help-for-updating-super-toucan/?tab=comments#comment-755935
  7. Many thanks for your help, lods can be downloaded normally. But I do not have time to update as soon as possible or if someone can help.
  8. Repository to maintain and facilitate the update of configuration files of the mod of the strike fighter 2 Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard. Some nencessary improvements are: * Hit point; * pivot points? (really necessary?); * Collision points; * Skid? I need help updating the files that are in this git repository. - https://github.com/denissoliveira/SFP2_ST
  9. I put the files in git, so it is possible to track the changes. In commits it is possible to see what has been changed. https://github.com/denissoliveira/SFP2_E_ST Now I only have time to update the others ... Anyone know of flight model?
  10. Where is the update?
  11. Flight model needs adjustments, copied from a wolverine, got really bad, does anyone have any idea how to solve it?
  12. I need somebody help to update super toucan. down what needs to be done: Hit box; pivot points; Collision points; FM; He is not flying like the real one. I do not know where to set this in the files. how it should be

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