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Does anyone know where I can find a primer on how to use the RWR and ECM in SF2? I'm not bad with stick and rudder, and I can use my radar now, but I'm worthless at reading the RWR or knowing when to use ECM.


I don't have my print manual anymore and the online manual for SF2 doesn't have any usefull info.

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Worth searching for old topics I would say as well






TEWS from Thirdwire:


The ALR-69 RWR display can identify radar type and display different symbols. The symbols you're likely to encounter in the game are:


2 = SA-2

6 = SA-6

8 = SA-8

Z = ZSU-23-4 AAA

21 = MIG-21

23 = MIG-23

15 = F-15

F4 = F-4

F0 = F-104/F-105

M3 = Mirage III

U = Unknown

S = Search radar

V = M163 Vulcan AAA


(hopefully these are pretty self-explanatory)


Radars guiding missiles have flashing circle around them.


Priority threat (the tracking radar with highest signal) will have a diamond displayed around it.


Keep in mind that this can only identify radar type, and not the exact aircraft type. For example, MIG-23MS, which is an export model with MIG-21 radar, will show up as "21", not "23".


Most add-on planes will not be identified (show up as "U") unless additional data is added -



Also, even aircraft with older RWR "vector" display has slightly new feature. On aircraft with up front RHAW control panel, it'll light up different SAM button (LO/MID/HI band light) depending on radar frequency, so you can roughly determine the type of SAM radar tracking you.


Eary and late SA-2 (SA-2 B and SA-2 F) will indicate LO freqnecy band light


Mid-year SA-2 (SA-2 C and SA-2 E) will indicate MID freqnecy band light


SA-6 will light MID freqnecy band light while its searching/tracking, but moves to HI frequency band when guiding missile. But this missile guidance may not be detectable on some RWR (its using CW type radar for guidance).


SA-8 will light HI freqnecy band light

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