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DCS update is now available

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Multiplayer. Icon and life bar of killed unit do not disappear for client (hide icon). Fixed.

Sometimes client doesn't get info about group placement. Fixed.

Fixed client crash on mission restart while still loading.

Added FW-190 as a static object.

MP. Clients crash after server unpause (mission related). Fixed.

Missing sounds in mission file is fixed.

Module manager. Removed installed add-on's from the available tab.

Command menu problem has been fixed: the same menus were not be able to be submenus.

AI do not follow advanced waypoint attack restrictions is fixed.



A-10C RWR works in the MP now.

AGM-65E can't be used in A-10C anymore.



Ground Commander control can move unmovable units




A-10A. Cockpit pressure altitude implemented in cockpit.

A-10A. Engine oil pressure indicators are working.

A-10A. APU gauges were added.

A-10A. Ripple quantity and interval is fixed.

A-10A. Cockpit time of day in HUD is incorrect is fixed.

Su-27. Cockpit RWR nail lights are reversed. Fixed.

FW-190. Warm air trail is removed.

F-15C. The IR threats will not indicate on the TEWS.

A-10A. Right rudder pedal is jammed forward in the cockpit is fixed.

Autothrust was removed at all aircrafts except of Su-33.

Su-33. Autotrust now should be engaged separately after route/return/landing autopilot mode was engaged.

Su-27/33. Flaperons control buttons animated.

Su-27/33. Flaps now can be commanded to extended at any speed. However they will be not extended until airspeed is lower than a certain value

A-10A. Cockpit, left yaw SAS switch moves when RWR makes a sound. Fixed.

A-10A. engine temperature indicators are fixed.

Su-27. Fixed gun shells counter.

A-10A All Circuit Breakers always popped out are fixed.



Corrected missions of UN campaign.

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Wonder why they took out autothrust? I don't know who used it, but it's been there since the original LOMAC and all the iterations of FC till now.

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