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DCS World 24 May 2013 Update

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24 May 2013 Update


Earlier this week we released a further update to DCS version 1.2.4, that you can read about here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?...26&postcount=6


Before moving on to DCS version 1.2.5, we plan on one more update to 1.2.4 with a focus on resolving bugs that are having the biggest impact on gameplay. Chizh and I (with tester input) have scoured the bugs and problems sub-forums and created a list of the most common complaints / bug reports. Our goal is to wrap up 1.2.4 in such a way that we have a very solid foundation for 1.2.5. Once I have a change log, I hope to post it prior to version release.


A few weeks ago I mentioned new information regarding the Nevada map and the development of EDGE technology. Fear not, I have not forgotten! Much of this work is being done in our Minsk office and I am waiting to receive images and information from them to use in my update. Unfortunately, I have not had access to new terrain builds in over a year (I have not been holding out on you all!).


An internal topic this week was how we can improve our communications via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics We will now being doing much more regular posts, more images, weekly "best of" community screen shots, more general military aviation news, and break up the large update text blocks with smaller posts such that news is not missed of products releases and software updates. If you have other ideas on how you think we can improve our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you.


As many of you have learned, the next project from the very talented Belsimtek team (developers of DCS: UH-1H Huey) is the Mi-8MTV-2. The team is already making rapid progress and they gave me permission to provide a few new, work-in-progress images.









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Or a cobra, though to be honest I'm still having a great time learning (and flailing) with the Huey.


Point of comparison, though: after about 3 hours in the Huey, I could sort of hover for about 20 seconds before the PIO got the better of me. But when I went to give th Ka-50 a try I was smooth as silk in the hover, taxi, takeoff, and landing department. I used to flail at the Ka-50, so if you can fly the Huey you can fly anything else (right now).

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Exactly, but considering it used to be hard for me to fly (or at least hover and land), it just shows how much flying the Huey has improved my flying in the easier helo. Even with the AP turned off.

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