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SF2 Cessna O-2A Skymaster by Veltro2K

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SF2 Cessna O-2A Skymaster by Veltro2K

SF2 Cessna O-2A Skymaster by Veltro2K


= For SF2, Full 5 Merged RECCOMENDED! =


This is a Re-release of the Veltro2k's O-2A FAC aircraft.


**Note: due to extensive modifications to the cockpit and other ini tweeks, it will =NOT=

work in 1stGen SF/Wo* games at ANY patch level**


As stated above, a reissue of the Skymaster FAC bird. Included in this pak are all the mods

from the "O-2 Tweeks Pak' I issued in 2009 (and it's attendant readme). This is the complete



Skins remain in their bmp format; Decal radomization is set to TRUE. A user list is

supplied. New damage textures are in DDS format. All weapons referenced are STOCK 3rd Wire

items, available in full 4/5 merged installs.


As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read

them!!! Included is my original readme for the "Tweeks Pak"; it's suggested you read this

as well, as it contains a listing of all the changes, tweeks, mods and so forth.

The Legal Statement has also been changed with regards to this aircraft.

For those that still have the original releases, as there HAVE been changes and additions in

several of the inis you may wish to examine, you may wish to replace the originals with



**This aircraft herein is released in "AS IS" Condition. Any and all issues/problems that

cannot be solved via ini edits will exist forever, as new models are unlikely to be



Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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Thanks for update the link! Now I installed this beauty in my SF2V.

Thank you!

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reup because of the file issues


don't worry, its the same one as before

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