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Selecting dive or level bombing in a mission

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Does anyone know if there is a way to design a mission to ensure that the planes assigned to the mission will employ a particular tactic?  I am specifically interested to know if you can design the mission to guarantee that planes will drop their bombs in a dive delivery or in level flight?


The idea occurred to me because  in the Vietnam War (or SouthEast Asia War, or Second Indochina War, whatever you choose to call it) the F-105 Thunderchiefs usually rolled in on a target and dive bombed it.  But, sometimes, they would do a "Sky Spot" mission where they would drop the bombs in a level delivery after arranging at a pre-arranged fix.  The travel of the bombs over ground would've been previously calculated so that from a given fix in the air, a specific target on the ground could be hit.


It would be nice to be able to design missions where the AI planes use a dive or level bombing tactic as planned by the mission builder.   If anyone knows how this is done, the info would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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One way do to it is to play in the _Data.ini of the aircraft

[Mission Data]



Bomber always strike level in SF1 & SF2 (B-52 is the good example)

So you have to make two version: one for each technique

F-4C Phantom II in dive bomber select ATTACK or FIGHTER

F-4D Phantom II with Loran or Sky Spot select BOMBER

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