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Not able to Post something...

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Have a Problem at the CA Forum. Every Time i want to Answer to a Thread or start a new one i get on the top this message:
Warning: sprintf() [function.sprintf]: Too few arguments in /var/www/vhosts/combatace.com/httpdocs/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(1759) : eval()'d code on line 469
Also i cannot PM a Member there.
After a Tip from Dave i deleted the Cookies.
No joy so far. Changed also the Board Language from German to English, the Failure Message is gone. If i write a Text i get still the Message "enter a Post" if i press "Enter Reply or Post". Have this Problem with IE10.
Changed now to Google Chrome and so far it works...


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It's not cookies, it's an old file remaining on your machine since our upgrade and stuck in your cache. Clear you browser cache which will force the files to reload. You also need to flush your java cache from your java console in your control panel area. This will remove all of our java applets that are stored there and refresh them as well. If the problem still exists let me know, but it should be happening to everyone and it's not.


1) Flush IE Browser cache > shut down your browser.

2) Flush Java cache ( control panel > java console > general tab > temporary internet files > delete cache ) > close java console.

3) Restart IE and reload site.



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This is a test of the language strings which I think might be a problem.

This was posted using the German Language.

This is posted using the Russian Language, wow some of these languages need to be updated.

Checking Italian for problems.

Spanish for problems.

Chinese for problems.

Dark Blue Theme for problems.

CA Dark for Problems.

Off for problems.

Mobil Skin for problems.

That wastes that idea. all seem to be working.

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Can't post with Chrome (my normal browser). Trying IE.


So what do I need to flush from Chrome to restore functionality without dumping my cookies/etc. for all of my other sites?

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Chrome > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Select "beginning of time" and "empty the cache" > [Clear browsing data]


IE > Tools > Internet Options > Delete > Mark (Check) Temporary Internet Files  (Uncheck or check others as desired) > [Delete]


Firefox > Tools > Options > Advanced Tab > [Clear Now] 


Opera > Tools > Delete Private Data > Mark (Check) Delete entire cache (Uncheck or check others as desired) > [Delete]




That should fix these page issues for everyone. If you have instructions for other browsers feel free to post them here. Thanks.

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That's not how Microsoft intended their software to work, I'm certain. The whole purpose of storing a local cache on your computer is to speed up delivery time of websites, which to some people relates to browser speed. The cache is designed to be dumped and the only thing I can think of is somehow either it wasn't getting dumped or was dumping a cache it wasn't using. Eventually the TTL (time to live) on the those files would have run out and the browser would have downloaded them and replaced them solving your problem. But who wants to wait a week for that to happen. Gosh sorry it was such a hassle for you guys and glad it wasn't everyone having that problem, can you imagine?



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