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DCS World 12 July 2013 News Update

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12 July 2013 - DCS News Update

This past week we have primarily been debugging DCS ver. 1.2.5. Progress is being made and it is still our hope to have it released before the end of this month. This is quite a large update, so naturally it is taking longer to debug than the earlier, smaller updates.

Other parts of our team are working on new elements for Combined Arms. Two of many new features includes a radar display for radar-guided air defense systems and more realistic fire control systems for armored units. I've attached an early work in progress image of the new radar display.

To better support new title like UH-1H and the upcoming Mi-8MTv2 helicopters, we are also developing the means for infantry to load and unload from them. We believe this will add a whole new level of game play for those modules.

Our effect artists are busy improving many effects for both their visual appeal and performance. As mentioned last week, one example are new wing tip vortices. As more are completed, I will be sure to post them in future updates.

Yesterday, Steam started their Summer Sale that includes both A-10C and Black Shark:










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The radar gauge to CA vehicles is a nice add-on and a step in theright direction. Of all the modules, sadly it has gotten the least attention IMO. From both sides...


Looking forward to 1.2.5

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Yeah, I like that radar a lot. The wingtip things are nice, but not needed like the CA enhancements are.

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I own CA, but unfortunately for me its use is a non-starter until ED allows the F10 view to only display on the viewport with a multi-monitor setup.

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