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Multiplayer campaign in Iceland

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Allright, it would be uber cool, but it can´t be exactly like that. Here is my idea


I edited an expanded campaign for Northern Sabre, namely adding the USS America BG and a few more units using stock stuff from TW games. So just as Op Darius was to be a campaign with each one having an squadron and posting AARs to the topic, i thought it could be great to try that in SF2NA


If you lack some of the items, you can just replace them. I don´t think it will matter too much if you use the Nimitz model for the America. Also, there are several Phantom units and an Skyhawk squadron added, so be cool if you need to replace some of those with other stuff or play with another squadron, in some cases, it has been already fixed to use alternative aircraft as a replacement.


Units Available as it is now (suggestions accepted, but remember that it needs balance):





VF-41 (F-14A_77) (USS Nimitz)

VF-84 (F-14A_77) (USS Nimitz)

VA-82 (A-7E_74) (USS Nimitz)

VA-86 (F-14A_77) (USS Nimitz)

VA-35 (A-6E) (USS Nimitz)

VF-114 (F-14A_77) (USS America)

VF-213 (F-14A_77) (USS America)

VA-192 (A-7E_74) (USS America)

VA-195 (A-7E_74) (USS America)

VA-95 (A-6E) (USS America)

VF-201 (F-4N) (USS America)




VMFA-115 (F-4J_74) (NAS Keflavik)

VMFA-333 (F-4J_74) (USS Nimitz)

VMA-223 (A-4M_78)  (NAS Keflavik)




57th FIS (F-4E_75)  (NAS Keflavik)



Who is willing to do it?


Edited by macelena

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I'd be willing to do it, only problem is my time is going to be limited for, oh, the next year or so.


Put me down for VF-201 anyway. I'll do my best to post.

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