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Shuttleworth Collection Pics

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As previously mentioned, I've been on holiday for a week.  I went to the Shuttleworth collection because they have flying days were (very weather permitting) they have WW1 aeroplanes flying.


Sadly there was too much wind on the day I went (although I did get excited when they wheeled out the SE5a, only to be told it was easier to stow the Hawker Hurricane in this way).  But I did take lots of pictures.  I'm a rubbish photographer, much better at cycling (my holiday was in fact cycling from London to Edinburgh) and I'm sorry to say I didn't get what Olham was asking for - although I have enquiries pending on that matter.


Still, what I have may be of interest to you; so enjoy.

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Hey, Maeran, I envy you a little bit - I wish there was anything like the Shuttleworth Collection

here in Germany. I find many of your photos quite good actually. I bet you had no professional

gear like tripods etc.


These are my favourite two among your big collection - I like the "Hurry", the fighter that REALLY

kept the bombers at bay, and that Bristol Bullet looks hot!




Hawker Hurricane.jpg







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Awwwww....I am jealous. Every airshow I miss another hair falls out of my head. Great pics though. Thank you for sharing.

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