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  1. This is the DFW "Flea" http://forum.worldofwarplanes.eu/index.php?/topic/3635-german-experimental-aircraft-dfw-t28-floh-flea/ My apologies for linking to another forum, but this has the most information I could readily find.
  2. "Eeps" or "EE-pray"?

    I have a copy, spotted in a book shop last year. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wipers-Times-Complete-Wartime-Newspaper/dp/1906251177/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1418858602&sr=8-3&keywords=Wipers+times
  3. A Bleak and Lonely Post...

    There will have been walkways inside the derigible itself (it isn't just the gas bag in there). But I expect that anyone with any sense doing that job would take a flask or two.
  4. O. T. Some good news

    Know anyone? No. Have you tried people who may have original records? All of a minutes' thought has brought to the Imperial War Museum as an option. A speculative e-mail might get good results. Especially if you show them the amazing work you have already done.
  5. I've always had trouble with screenshots. Where do the files appear if you use 'K'?
  6. Diary of Algernon Didsworthy Tuesday 6th June 1916 Have arrived at my squadron in the afternoon to shocking news. Lord Kitchener has been lost at sea! This is a terrible day for the British war effort, but we will not falter! My squadron is a modest concern with 9 machines, My officer and observer is Captain Lucas Belden, an Essex man with a lot of experience. No doubt I shall have plenty soon as we are only just to the north of the push which began on the Somme area last week. You can hear the guns from here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Combat report. Sgt Didsworthy 13 Squadron RFC 7th June 1916 B Flight to attack railyard at Athies Junction with 25lb Cooper bombs. 06:15 Took off from Savy. Climbed to 4000' before flying east along the St Pol to Arras rail line. Crossed lines North of Arras, observing shelling north of Arras at 06:45. Rounded Oppy to attack railyard from ENE. 07:00 Released bombs and pulled south. Observed explosions among buildings south of rail line. Returned across Arras. 07:10 Observed 2 EA single seat monoplanes over Mont St Eloi. These engaged us and shot down Richardson and Mason. They then departed E. Landed at Savy 07:25 Combat report. Sgt Didsworthy 13 Squadron RFC 7th June 1916 B-Flight to bomb enemy front lines between Courcellette and Poziers. Took off from Savy 14:46. Arrived over target area 15:10, dropping bombs to no discernible effect. Attacked immediately after this by 2 EA monoplanes. Rowena and Mayall driven away from group by one EA. Other attacked me. Lost ability to maintain altitude, landed in a field near Poziers. Diary of Algernon Didsworthy Wednesday 7th June 1916 Today I saw battle, diary. Today I saw death at the height of his terrible power. I flew two missions today. Both were bombing runs. The first was to attack the rail marshalling yards at Athies. We climbed and flew over the lines. I saw clouds of earth mushrooming as a barrage struck the war torn ground. My bombs fell well at the target and I believe we caused some disruption to the supplies for the German attack on Vimy Ridge. On the way back we passed over the ruins of Arras. Oh, what a mess! Worse was to come. On the way home we were attacked by two monoplanes - Fokker Eindeckers, I'm told. They killed Richardson and his observer Mason. I tried to organise a defensive circle but this was completely ineffective. On returning to Savy, we learned that Cotton and Ward had been shot down too. No rest though! The offensive to the south required that we bomb the enemy positions to the north of the offensive proper. We dropped our ordinance but I doubt we hit anything that wasn't already shot to blazes. We were caught off guard by two more Fokkers. One took an especial liking to me and put some holes in my tailplane. A lot of holes. Soon I was forced to land on our side of the lines. Rowena and Mayall weren't so lucky. My first day in the war and we have lost 3 machines and 6 men. Father; should this be sent to you, understand that I chose to join the fyling corps. I am here to do my duty. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Diary of Algernon Didsworthy Saturday 10th June 1916 Once again we were sent to Courcellette. Once again I was forced to land by enemy action. This time, I have been wounded by a bullet to the leg. It didn't hurt at first, but the blow felt like I had been hit hard by the schoolmaster's cane. I dove for the west and we were able to escape, but soon the pain arrived. It felt as though I had a hot poker boring into my flesh. I couldn't gain altitude (again) and so had to go down and land. This was just behind the lines and soon I felt hands grabbing me and pulling me out. Oddly, I became aware of the shouting of the soldiers only after they had their hands on me. Belden had been hit as well and we were taken to a clearing station. It was busy as you might expect on the edge of a major assault. I saw some things that I would not like to recount. I had lost a lot of blood, but thankfully still had enough in me to be dressed and sent back up the line to Beaumont for less urgent assessment. In truth, the jolting of the tender on that road hurt more than the bullet strike. That was two days ago. In the air, everything moves so fast. On the ground, the war moves terribly slowly. I am now back at Savy under the observation of our own MO. Fresh Bandages every day and plenty of tea! I do keep asking for a pretty nurse, but the MO tells me they are for officers only. Must ask Belden about that.
  7. We could do with a thread for that, or use the existing after action reports thread I guess. I've got a diary for flight reports and diary entries for my pilots (present and future). Two bombing runs and a reconnaissance flight. But flying BE2s we've not gone a flight without losing at least one machine. We can't keep that up surely. I'll publish the better bits in clumps I think.
  8. My pilot, Algernon Didsworthy is injured until next Monday. That active is a result of me trying to avoid the 'pilot is dead' trouble. Well done, theultimat
  9. What about minor injuries? My first DiD pilot has taken a bullet from an Eindekker over the Somme. The roll from WOFF was "light injuries" and 8 days out. On Jim_Atrill's form, reporting him injured takes me to a 'how did your pilot die?' form. Is Algernon Didsworth dead?
  10. A query regarding time management. The workshop settings are auto/manual time advance. Once we are flying, are we advancing to keep the date the same as today? For example, 7th July 2014=7th July 1916 and then if I next fly 4 real days later I must advance through to 11th July 1916. Edit: I see you have been asked this on the other forum (I don't generally go there). For anyone else wondering; the answer is that we do advance time to match the current date.
  11. I didn't know you could do that, Corsaire31. Thanks
  12. Is that possible? Is it already in the settings somewhere?

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