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Trying to make an A-7P Frankenplane.

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I am trying to make myself an A-7P.  I used the old (non Mirage-Factory) A-7B.  Put the PoAF skins on it, and that's roughly it.  I tried to add new avionics, as the A-7P is an A model, but has E model avionics.  That was a disaster.  Also, I screwed around and tried to remove the launch bar from the nose wheel in the skins file.  That also didn't work.  How can I give this beast A-7E avionics; ie, a HUD, and how can I remove the launch bar from the nose wheel assembly?  If this is an exceptionally complicated mod for a novice, I don't want to waste anybody's time.  By the way, I tried to rename this file as A-7P in the objects/aircraft file, but when I did, it doesn't show up in the game.  Am I doing something wrong?  If I can make this work, I will upload it to the website.  I know some people want this odd bird. 

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