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  1. G-91R1 US ARMY skin

  2. Mirage Factory F-4G

  3. F-14D V1.4

  4. Mig-23MLD Cote d Ivoire

  5. Absolutely incredible!!! This went from pipe dream to reality in just a couple of days. I just wanted to know how to do this, but as I can see, this was a project way out of my league. Cheers to Crusader!!!
  6. I have never gotten this concept. On older aircraft that just has a reflector gunsight, the crosshairs go depressed on the combining glass in bomb mode. Sometimes I hit, sometimes I miss. Sometimes close, sometimes by a lot. I am talking about large targets, such as buildings. Is there a speed/angle/weapon solution that is the "gold standard" for weapons delivery?
  7. Don't know if it was, there's another video on youtube of a guy that has an actual A-7 gunsight, that he plugs in and works. Doesn't do much more than that though.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=WJchqXg2LEQ Is there any way this gun-sight can be made for the A-7D? I was unaware, but apparently there is a fixed reflector sight superimposed on the HUD combining glass of the A-7D. If someone could show me how, I would give it a shot. I would love to have something like this in the game. I fly the A-7 more than anything else, it's my favorite mud-mover! Long live the SLUF!!
  9. Once upon a time there was an A-7F available for download here. If you look it up its there, but when you click on the link, its gone. I'm a huge fan of the SLUF and wish this one could have made it. More importantly, this would be one badass plane to fly in the game. I fly mostly Mirage Factory A-7s on mud-mover missions.
  10. Wanted to know from those who know, what is the best weapons pack for WOE1? I really like older, obsolete weapons, practice bombs, practice missiles, gun pods. I have a nice Mohawk that needs some gun pods (suu-12.) I had these in the past, but can't remember the exact file. Any advice would be appreciated!
  11. Done and done! Thanks for the help Soulfreak!
  12. I recall that there was a nations.ini file that added a bunch of new nations for the game, including United States Army Aviation. For the life of me, I can't find this file. Could anyone steer me towards this file? I would like to add US Army Aviation.
  13. I will do my best to figure this one out whilst navigating the vast universe of the Knowledgebase!

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