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Anti-Slip FM for SE5a

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Anti-Slip FM for SE5a

Alternative FM for the default SE5a

07/30/07 by ShrikeHawk


I love flying the SE5a in a dogfight. So nimble and quick!

But...in slow-speed maneuvers and actions that require good

rudder control (i.e., landing, strafing) the plane is waaaayy

too squirrely. After rudder input the plane oscillates terribly

and it's very hard to keep the gunsight on target. Also, on

landing, the slideslip is extreme! The plane does not sink to

the ground as it should even when the engine is a 0%. At least

this is my experience.


So after endless tinkering, I finally have the SE5a flying the

way I expect it to. Now the plane lands much as the other

aircraft do. The landing requires more area but it is reasonable

now. It still responds a lot to yaw input, although moderately,

but will not oscillate at all after counter rudder input.

You can actually hold the gunsight on target with minimal effort.


This mod addresses other concerns than what peter01 is doing with

his alternative FMs. But when he posts it, I would highly

recommend using his FM. If you want to use this mod "and" peter01's

at the same time, please PM me and I will post a combination.


p.s. Thanks to Peter01 for the tip about the cnb parameter. That was

the last bit of info I was looking for.


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