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DCS World 30 Aug 2013 News Update

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This will be the last of the weekly updates. Future news will be through our monthly news letter that will be cross-posted here.

The items from last week's update are by and large still the same. However, below is a PRELIMINARY change log for 1.2.6. As a preliminary change log, this is very much subject change - meaning that items may be added or removed prior to its release.

DCS 1.2.6 Preliminary Change Log

In addition to the items listed below, there are other items we are working on for 1.2.6 that are not quite ready yet. One example is changes to the radar and EOS code. These had been merged for quite some time and has been limiting what we could do with these two sensors. We are now in the process of separating them into different code entities that will allow better modeling and help with future modules. This is also why this has taken longer than some might expect.

DCS World

  • Added new anti-ship penetrating warhead for anti-ship missiles.
  • Increased Max G for the following missiles: R-60 (from 18 to 42), MICA (from 18 to 24), and R-40 (from 8 to 15).
  • R-27ET: Decreased rear hemisphere DLZ.
  • R-73: Corrected mass and thrust.
  • R-77: Corrected time, fuel flow and thrust.
  • SA-8 Osa: Increased range at low altitude from 6 to 8 km.
  • Corrected the lock on range of IR missiles.
  • Added Australia as a new country choice.
  • Renamed APA-50 to APA-5D.
  • Fixed error with coalition.addGroup()function.
  • Added a new 3D model for the B-8V20 rocket launcher.
  • Fog of War: Aircraft will no longer be visible on F10 map once it leaves line of sight of enemy units.
  • Added exhaust smoke to Kusnetsov aircraft carrier.
  • Kills are now tracked in the Log Book for Campaigns.
  • Engagement range of ground units has been adjusted.
  • Su-25T bomb Interval and Quantity are now working correctly.
  • Trigger GROUP DEATH will working with event ON DESTROY.
  • Fixed several SAMs ignoring the set "Alarm State Green".
  • Debriefing: Fixed event recording. This will also correct log book errors.
  • MiG-23 will now attack the moving ground target with rockets.
  • Many minor corrections in the game.
  • Wingman will report leader about enemy radar activity.
  • Multiplayer: Radio communications are now working.
  • Multiplayer: Debriefing window in the mission is now disabled for clients.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed several crashes.
  • New ambient sound system (sea, shallow water, fields, wind, g-breath effect).
  • Wind + turbulence sound depends on mission weather parameters.
  • New wingtip vortices, new touchdown smoke.

Flaming Cliffs 3 (A-10A: DCS Flaming Cliffs)

  • A-10A: Removed AAQ-28 TGP.
  • A-10A: Corrected standby compass showing wrong heading.
  • A-10A: Added PAC.
  • A-10A: HUD fixed pitch angle indicator jumping from -90 to +90, when standing still on the ground is fixed.
  • A-10A: Simultaneous engine start now working.
  • A-10A: Fixed AIM-9 air to air mode.
  • A-10A: Removed glideslope indication on the HUD.
  • A-10A: Fixed ADI yellow vertical bar.
  • A-10A: AoA indicator, indexer and AoA sound corrected.
  • A-10A: Fixed HSI outer needle.
  • A-10A: Added Stability Augmentation System (SAS).
  • Su-33: Corrected AoA indexer.
  • MiG-29 and Su-27/33: The vertical scan will not lock target automatically. Instead, player must press and hold the ENTER button to lock the target.
  • Added RShift modifier to Kneeboard next/previous page commands (conflicted with Ka-50 Shkval track gate size controls).
  • Su-25T: Removed targe diamond on the HUD.
  • F-15C: Fixed altitude hold when air to air refueling.
  • AWACS: Decreased the answer pause between picture requests.
  • Corrected some missions.
  • ATC now available for the Kusnetsov aircraft carrier.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • The engines will start after repair.
  • If PTR switch is set to STOW and back to ABLE the pitch steering bar may freeze is fixed.
  • A-10C. SAS and EAC switches fixed.

DCS: Combined Arms

  • Fixed multiplayer crash when land groups are assigned a route.
  • Added German CA Manual.
  • Smoke markers for controlled ground units are limited with 10 smokes at each color.
  • Input: Absent joystick commands restored.
  • HUD: Added cues of masking for line of firing by vehicle elements.
  • HUD: Added health points indicator.
  • MP missions replaced to MP folder.

DCS: Black Shark 2

  • Added RShift modifier to Kneeboard next/previous page commands (conflicted with Ka-50 Shkval track gate size controls).
  • Lighting night vision cockpit switch modifier moved to LCtrl to prevent conflict with Kneeboard ON/OFF key.

DCS: P-51D Mustang

  • Fixed no UNSAFE warning light and horn when throttle retarded.





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Well, the weekly experiment didn't last long. I understand that perhaps things didn't move fast enough to warrant that, but I also think monthly seems too long...unless the pace of development is such that really it takes a month before anything significant happens, in which case more's the pity.


Maybe twice monthly would've been a better idea.

I will point out a scenario where monthly won't work that well...if for example the monthly newsletter comes out less than a week before a patch like 1.2.6, and then we have to wait almost a full month to hear any news on possible small patches for any issues that exist.

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