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Sea planes for Strike Fighter : ok it doesn't work, but..


What would you expect from a sea plane?


I'm planning to re-release the Veltro2K's PBY-5, with Paulopanz's skins for Norway and/or Sweden, for WOE 08.

The aircraft is already available in the JonathanRL's mods for SF2.


So far, it has an alternate pit, and the ability to land and take off from water (not at full weight).

The FM is edited.


What about a fake bombsight?


Sea planes, bombsight... things that are not really needed here. Just for fun...

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didn't I re-release the Cat for SF2 already??

I've tweeked to cockpit out like CRAZY, so the external framing is visible, and the internal structure is hidden


(if it's not there, give a day or so to put the SF2 package together -- meaning, the tweeks WON'T work in SF/Wo* at 06 levels)




yup, I sure did..



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I missed it


You're right, it doesn't work for 1st gen install (both 06 and 08 patches)


But with minor changes it's much better like that. Now it's awesome!

(WOE 08)




Lowest pass ever



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