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CombatACE Spotlight: Interview With Fubar512

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CombatACE Spotlight With Fubar512

"Being at CombatACE has been a long ride; one that I hope never comes to an end..."




?module=images&section=img_ctrl&img=2664In this week’s CombatACE Spotlight segment we shine the light on Fubar512. He’s been a member here when this site was known as BioHaz. For ten years he’s contributed a number of files as well as sound advice and support for those that needed it. Thank you, Fubar512 for agreeing to do this interview.





So, Fubar512, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?


Well, let see....I am (or rather, was) an ASE-certified diesel mechanic, I hold a Coast Guard 200-ton offshore master's license, I've held an FAA recreational (novice) pilot's license, and I have even once jumped out of a perfectly good aircraft, and paid for the privilege to do so!  For the past 15 years or so, I've been involved in the IT field, in essence turning what was once my hobby into my career.





What interests you about aviation?


That's a tough one to answer.  I can probably sum it up best by saying that the mechanics of flight itself fascinate me, and have done so from an early age.


What is your favorite aircraft and why?


I'd have to say that it would be a tie between the F-4 Phantom and the MiG-21.  Both set benchmarks over 50 years ago that modern aircraft are still judged by.



      What was your most memorable flight and why?


I once flew as a passenger in a Champion Citabria, with one of the instructors that I had befriended at the controls.  He managed to pull a few maneuvers that approached 4 to 5 Gs over the Hudson river, and even flew under the George Washington bridge, which is considered a big no-no today. Compared to the flying Corollas (Ooops, I meant Cessna 172s) that I had flown, the Citabria was a sports car. It was a tail-dragger with tandem seating, sported a stick instead of a yoke, and had exactly zero creature comforts.


What got you interested in flight simulation?


With my interest in aviation, moving onto flight sims is almost a given.  I can sum it by stating that it allows me to indulge and immerse myself in situations and scenarios that are unlikely to occur (or that I am unlikely to be a part of), in real life.


?module=images&section=img_ctrl&img=2664Do you remember the first flight you ever played?


Oh yes, that would have been Falcon 3.0


What motivated you to arrive at CombatACE and stay over the years?


CombatACE (Or BioHaz as it was known back then) was probably the only site that hosted mods for Strike Fighters back in late 2002, so joining it was a no-brainer.  The camaraderie among the modders and flight sim enthusiasts here is what really set the hook, and I soon found myself a part of the community, and started contributing not long afterwards.  The next thing I know, Dave sets me up as a moderator, so now I felt obligated to stay.



What kind of mods do you like to make and why?


I've produced flight-dynamics models (FMs), ground object data files (mostly ships), visual effects, sound effects, environment mods, and...have I forgotten anything?


Of all of them, I get the most satisfaction from creating realistic flight models.  The calculations, the research, the tedious hours of testing, all pay off when you get everything just right.


When did you start modding?


Almost as soon as I got into the hobby, back during the 1990s. With the SF series, I started modding it right off the bat in November of 2002, and if I'm not mistaken, uploaded my first mods in 2003.


What does modding do for you? Is it something that is relaxing, a neat hobby, etc?


Modding allows me to tweak a simulation to the level of realism that satisfies me, and while I can say that I have found it relaxing at times, believe me when I tell you that it can be just as stressful.


What modding tools do you use and why?


Kreelin's Aeroconvert for creating FMs, Fastcargo's "big ruler" for pinpointing locations on an existing model, to name just a couple. The best tool, however, is research.  In short, Google is your best friend.


What is your favorite mod you have created?


Probably the flight models for the F-86 series, and specifically, for the F-86E.


What is your favorite mod that you did not create?


Any of Stary's terrain sets.


What is a mod you would like to create?


A complete terrain mod for the TW series that elevates SF2 up to modern flight sim standards, and bringing the series that much closer to realism.


Who is a Modder you admire or inspired you to start modding?


There isn't just one.  There's Streakeagle, Column5, Kreelin, Wrench, Bpao, Deuces, Julhelm, Crusader, and of, Course, Dave.  My sincerest apologies to anyone that I've left out!


Do you have favorite quotes or thoughts about being here at Combat Ace you’d like to share?


Being at CombatACE has been a long ride; one that I hope never comes to an end. The friends that I have made at CombatACE over the years have certainly made my time here worthwhile.


Thank you, Fubar512, for telling us your story and for being here over the years and doing, like many others do, what you can to make CombatACE a great place to be. Until next time, I’m Skyviper wishing everyone good hunting and happy landings.

Here’s a picture of Fubar512 with a nice catch.





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