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Setting up multiple versions of FE2

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I've returned to the game after a long absence.

Its good to be flying FE again. Love the new additions. I see the usual suspects are still producing their high quality aircraft, ground objects etc. Special callout to gertl, the Italian terrain is amazing. The mountainous terrain is so exciting after flying and dying over flat lands, seas and deserts for so many years.


I have resettled ok for the most part. I recall a lot of the requirements for modding the game and more will come. In the meantime can someone direct me to any info regarding setting up multiple versions of the game, FE2 in particular?


TIA and Cheers


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Hey Grinseed, welcome back! I thought I could find a quick answer to your question with the Search Function, but it was not particularly helpful. Here's a excerpt from my SF2 Notes file, by an unknown helpful soul:


I found a really easy way to have multiple installs of SF2 (or SF2V or SF2E).


Apparently, the name of the folder in your main ThirdWire Mod folder is not hard-coded but copied from the name of the EXE when it is first run.


So you fancy another install!... Follow me:


Go to your main SF2 (or V or E) folder.

Make a copy of your “StrikeFighters2.exe” (or Vietnam or Europe, but you get that now).

You should get a new file called “Copy of StrikeFighters2.exe”.

Rename that file “Whatever_you_like.exe”.

Run it.


There you go! This will create a “Whatever_you_like” folder in your ThirdWire mod folder (by now everyone knows where it is!). This folder is a carbon copy of the initial mod folder created by your stock SF2, with its own “option.ini”. When you launch your “Whatever_you_like.exe”, it will read this “option.ini” file.


In your “Whatever_you_like” mod folder, you can add or remove pretty much anything you want (as long as it’s SF2 compatible). However, if you remove stock aircraft (or other ground objects), you will probably CTD if you try Instant Action or stock Campaign.


So far, I’ve remove most of the US aircraft (I want a Western Europe vs Soviet) and add a new terrain, and everything works perfectly fine. Haven’t done a campaign yet!!!



This is the same method you will use to set up multiple installations for FE2!

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Some things never change, thankfully. This applies to Combat Ace forums. A prompt helpful response. Many thanks NE, you have saved me an immense amount of time and the process was dead simple and fast. Yep, good to be back.


Cheers Grinseed

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