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  1. Installing EAW

    33Lima has some kind of dual-boot system on his Windows 10 pc, enabling him to run BoBII on Windows 7. He says the whole thing cost him about £50.
  2. In his addon, Ray is compiling the work of many different modders over a long stretch of time. Some of the skins have little anomalies and glitches which have been inherited. It is the nature of the modelling and skinning systems in EAW, which remain a mystery to me, but repairing all these historical problems is a task so large it would be unfair to expect any one man to undertake. Therefore, Ray has to discriminate between the more obvious errors and those that one just has to accept. He, rightly in my opinion, considers the perfect as the enemy of the good in this matter and concentrates on errors which might be so glaring as to be obvious in the heat of 'combat'. We must remember EAW is not a screenshot sim. It's a game that demands to be played.
  3. European Air War in 2019

    I read on the A2A forum for BoB II of a similar concern and one poster suggested that computers ought soon be, or perhaps are now, powerful enough to run virtual versions of older operating systems, for example a virtual Windows 7 on a putative Windows 12 machine. This kind of software might already exist, or be close to existing. Alternatively, it is easy and cheap to install dual-boot systems. Where there is a will there will be a way.
  4. Installing EAW

    Aye, Mark's efforts are priceless and selfless.
  5. New Aircraft

    Those magnificent men in their flying machines. A head for heights was obviously de rigeur. (Note my smart-arse showing off with an apt Frenchism-quite the intellectual, moi).
  6. I am a native born English speaker and could very easily make such an error, too. I wasn't laughing at your English, which is quite good, but at the fact that your little mistake, very small in itself, just happened to provide a very funny alternative meaning. 👍
  7. This post is not what I expected from reading the thread title.
  8. Thanks for your continued game improvements. However, if this continues, my pilot survival-span, already brief, will reduce to that of an amoeba.😂
  9. Ray's is a very comprehensive and ambitious project, which he has had to undertake single-handedly and it is inevitable that there are some errors. 'Embarrassing' is not an appropriate word for such a large, freely-offered addon with which the best opportunity for perfecting is via the feedback of our little community. It will be welcomed by Ray if you review it yourself and report back any glitch you find. This is how we can all bring this old system to the best achievable outcome.
  10. Ray has assembled a massive new plane-set, highlighted by an improved series of cockpit gauges, many of them in working order, and many other additions and improvements. Modred and VBH have new mods up tonight, also.
  11. No, at least as far as I am aware. One needs to add this to the 1.60 install, according to the instructions, in order to get the gunsights. Ray's new planeset independently incorporates his own historical gunsight set.
  12. EAW Windows 10

    If you're moving to Windows 10 with an nVidia graphics card, you won't be able to get Horizon Fog in D3D. In order to get it, you will need to run the game in Glide, which rules out proper widescreen.
  13. I find it hard enough to hit anything with all guns blazing, I'd be even worse firing one at a time. Still, thanks for the option.
  14. With all these smoking pilots we're getting these days, maybe some of the players or modders are smoking something stronger!
  15. Guns don't do damage, only the people who use them. Sometimes, damage is a moral imperative. We had a bastard yesterday, found guilty for the brutal murder of a disabled 90-year-old farmer in the latter's own house, who had the temerity to claim self-defense as his defense. How I wish that poor farmer, God rest him, could have had a handgun under his pillow to do some damage with. Your man's barrister nearly deserves it, too. There's no guns allowed in London, but they're sticking knives in one another at a record rate. Give 'em all guns and they might wipe everyone of themselves out a bit quicker and let the law-abiding people get on with their lives. Rant over.

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