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  1. Battle of Britain II seems to have multiple problems on Win 10. European Air War has been reported as not running as well on 10 as on 7. The lesson seems to be the understandable one that an older OS is better for older games.
  2. Armchair aces over Italy

    'Armchair Aces' is a great title for these campaigns, speaking as a sim flyer who is afraid of even modest heights!
  3. Australia forest fires

    That use of my quote is a complete misrepresentation of what I said. If you read the entire sentence, it is clear that my use of the word 'inevitable' referred to the blame-game with respect to the phenomenon, not the phenomenon itself.
  4. Australia forest fires

    [Erik, I thought twice about that post and actually deleted it before you quoted it. Then I followed with what's below. I apologise to all concerned and acknowledge that feelings naturally run high when personally involved]. If global warming is really happening, it's inevitable everyone will blame everyone else for the consequences, but what it would actually be is the equivalent of a gigantic chemical reaction which conceivably has been slowly developing since the onset of the industrial revolution. It is very difficult to stop such a reaction right in the middle of it. Things are probably going to have to just play out. As there is such a diversity of opinion on these events, it doesn't appear that anyone is capable of discovering what, if anything, might be done. More than likely, the law of unseen consequences implies that whatever is done will have negative consequences in unexpected and alternative directions. In the very unlikely case that somebody discovers a workable soultion to reverse global warming, it will present the hazard of being over-implemented and taking us to an equally catastrophic global cooling scenario, because there are no precedents whatsoever to guide us. The human race is discovering that we are not gods and have far less control over our environment than we thought. Those recent past few centuries of technological progress that have brought us to our present point might not have come without a price. The past century and a half of population increase might simply have been an unsustainable historical bubble, which is about to burst very spectacularly. The consequences are so horrific, there's no point in thinking about them.
  5. Australia forest fires

    I have read reports that the environmental lobby in Australia have brought about so many regulations to protect trees and vegetation that the deployment of firebreaks is effectively impossible. One fireman interviewed said that in 2002 he cleared the trees around his house and was fined $50,000 dollars plus the same in costs. He said that there was a large fire in 2009 and his was the only house in his town not burned down. Cause and effect. But one cannot talk to these people.
  6. First Eagles ScreenshotsThread

    The game is at least as good-looking as Rise of Flight at this moment and that's not taking into account any of many other facets in which it excels. Visuals, sounds, AI, FM's, DM's, variety, compatibility with controllers and TrackIR, in all these it is top-notch. For all this, we mere players owe thanks to TK and all you modders.
  7. Blade, the fate of your great-grandmother is a reminder to present generations that we are fortunate in ways we take too much for granted. Life was so much more fragile in those days, yet the older generations seemed to have so much more courage. Would present generations have the bravery to risk their all against such impossible odds? Given the tendency to irrational panic over imaginary threats that we witness all over the media and internet, I suspect most of our present snowflakes would melt in the face of such real dangers.
  8. In reply to my own post, the problem turned out to be a soundcard problem, solved by installing a usb card.
  9. Recently discovered that on my fully merged install I could hear no in-cockpit speech. Uninstalled everything and completely cleared the registry. Reinstalled Strike Fighters 2 on its own. Same problem remains-perfect sound, but no speech, with no mods, whatsoever. Checked my sound settings and all seems ok. i can play the speech files perfectly on Winamp. Speech works perfectly in European Air War, IL2 and BoBII. Any suggestions?
  10. WIP - Halberstadt CL.II

    It would be a pity to find ourselves caught between two stools, an outcome that I think would not be desired by any concerned party.
  11. WIP - Halberstadt CL.II

    Mighty work. The detail in the grenade-rack is exquisite.
  12. Thanks for some very helpful info. However, like VBH above, I'd be afraid of making things worse. Fortunately, obsolescence isn't a problem for the kind of prehistoric games I play.
  13. That's a highly debateable statement. It must not be forgotten that Spain under Franco did not lift a finger to help Hitler in the Second World War, and that Spain saved more Jewish lives than any other nation, apart from the Vatican. Many Spanish passports were issued to Jews throughout Europe. Not a single Jew that escaped across the Pyrenees was impeded. The Spanish Civil War is unique in that its history has mostly been written by the defeated faction. On the topic, I would welcome the completion of the great work that Stephen is doing, and consider that there is great potential for FE2 to host the best representation yet of this conflict.
  14. I downloaded it, although I'm on Windows 7, just to see if it would be an alternative to DgVoodoo, but it's incomprehensible to me.
  15. Installing EAW

    33Lima has some kind of dual-boot system on his Windows 10 pc, enabling him to run BoBII on Windows 7. He says the whole thing cost him about £50.

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