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  1. New Aircraft

  2. Beach, any chance you might upload your variation for those less skilled? Thanks for the idea, anyway.
  3. New Aircraft

  4. Fun With Pulp Fiction

    LOL, when I saw the thread title, I assumed it referred to that bloody film. This is so much better!
  5. New Aircraft

    I'm simply flabbergasted. The skill and integrity of this work leaves me scrambling uselessly for words fit to describe it. And all done for the sheer love of it.
  6. New Aircraft

    My goodness, Geezer, these are of such a high standard. I am struggling for words. All this work deserves to be known to so many more than is the case. Thank you.
  7. Black Planes

    Thanks again. That has solved things.
  8. Black Planes

    Thank you, I'll knuckle down to this straight away.
  9. Black Planes

    Thanks for your help, Quack. I have done as you say, but the problem remains. Strangely, I have often done this before, without problems, but several of these new FM's are just not working out for me. It has also come to my attention that not only have I a black SPAD 7 (220), but it's pilot is also missing.
  10. Black Planes

    Forgive me if this is so rudimentary that I should know it, but I have recently installed Von S' great tweaked FM pack, and created new planes with the new plane and data inis provided, but am getting black planes with no skins. For example, I copied my Fokker Dr1 and renamed it Fokker Dr1_150, put the relevant plane.ini and data.ini in the plane folder, and the Dr1_150 is flyable, but it is entirely black. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  11. Unfortunately, the choice of patch level involves various compromises. You gain some things and lose others. Don't worry about causing stirs. The people here are plain and direct speakers, but in my experience it's not their intention to silence anyone.
  12. New Aircraft

    There's a little quick-mission editor by Nippy available in the download section for FE1 and FE2. It's basic, but allows one to select an opponent.
  13. Some days ago St. Petersburg, today Stockholm

    Snailman, you make a very good point about the attractions of Islam for the weak and poor. It shares this quality with Communism and it displays a similar history-both worldviews ensure a homogenous equality of outcome, rendering almost everyone equally destitute. This fact has been somewhat obscured by modernity, whereby oil-wealth has provided access to Western knowledge and technology. To get an idea of how poverty-inducing Islam actually is, one ought to read the likes of Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Hilaire Belloc on the subject. These wrote in the early twentieth century when Islamic society had received no oil-boost. Perhaps the most drastic example of the de-civilising effect of Islam is Mesopotamia. This region begat the first known civilisation and became the Fertile Crescent from about 5,000 years BC. This was a land of milk and honey for uninterrupted millllenia but within three centuries of conquest by Muslims it had begun to revert to desert. If they conquer the West, all our scientific and cultural innovations will quickly become dust. Islam detests all culture alien to itself and obliterates all pre-history. It rejects science, music, alcohol, indeed anything that might lift life up above its base tedium.
  14. Some days ago St. Petersburg, today Stockholm

    How are you going to abolish all religion? Hopefully not by the tried and tested atheist method of murdering everybody, as demonstrated by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and many of their followers in the twentieth century? When one religion obviously stands out for a murderousness that is founded on its own intrinsic doctrines, how can it be just to indict all others as a consequence? It is human nature that is violent. This may or may not be exacerbated by certain beliefs, whether religious, political or otherwise. Of course any religion, political belief or ideology can be used as an excuse for violence while concealing other motives. Islam is unique as being a religion which a priori encourages violence amongst its followers. Other religions may be cited as an excuse for violence but this is generally a gross misinterpretation of the religion or a cynical exploitation of it. It is unjust to blame a religion for a failure of its followers to live up to it. In the case of Islam, however, it is the terrorists who are the truest and most faithful at living up to what their religion calls upon them to do. I read recently that Islam is the only major religion not to uphold the Golden Rule of 'Do as you would be done by'. Finally, an alternative religion is the only antidote to Islam. The weak brew of secular consumerism will fold very quickly. This is quite obvious among those effete people who light candles and lay flowers and think singing 'Imagine' is an effective response to atrocity. Once the Muslims gain the balance of power, these valueless, futureless people will quickly submit to Islam.
  15. Some days ago St. Petersburg, today Stockholm

    They don't blow people up, at least. Things like excommunication and breaking up of marriages are unpleasant, but hardly crimes. Could you elaborate on their 'forced conversions'? [i have no personal involvement. I'm a Catholic, but never heard of much trouble from them here in Ireland other than it being difficult to get rid of them when they call to the door. I recommend asking them to join in a decade of the Rosary!]. And keep up the good work in Hungary. I hope you can lead Europe back to sanity.

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