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  1. I have Windows 7, so I'm also not in the best position to advise. All I can say is that I got this game's venerable predecessor, MiG Alley, to work on my pc using a utility called DxWND, which runs games in a window. Additionally, I would recommend the recent terrain and lighting mods from Boreas and Rogerroger, available on A2A, which greatly improve the visuals. Another possible hint: recently greatly improved frame-rates in some of the big missions by changing the setting in nVidia panel to 'maximum pre-rendered frames' = 1.
  2. European Air War HD

    I cannot get 1.29 to work, at all. But 1.28E works backwards nicely for me and I can mix and match quite widely, while still keeping the improved dm's and fm's, not to mention that much-improved AI. I think that EAW1.28's AI is better balanced than IL-2's. Still, it's great to have both.
  3. European Air War HD

    RIBob, could you explain how you came upon that EAWNewFront site at Tallyho? I just can't find it. Thank you.
  4. European Air War HD

    I actually never had that patch. However, I installed EAW 1.2, added the 'Great Shot' add-on in its entirety over it; removed the file 'main2pic;' and added a complete 1.28e install, which I had downloaded from SimHQ, directly upon the 1.2/Great Shot install. It worked fine. It seems others have directed you to the Great Shot files. It's a nice compilation of older, but quality, mods with nice skins and sounds. I'd recommend looking at the extras, also.
  5. European Air War HD

    As far as I can remember, the snap-views worked fine. I didn't retain the game on my hard-drive for very long as I have my own custom-built 1.28E version, not to mention my 1.60 and FXEXE installs. I have come to use trackir with eaw, but the snaps are very useful when one is padlocked to a target, as my padlock view is set to pause trackir.
  6. European Air War HD

    I chanced installing this recently, as per the vague instructions, and it worked, giving a EAW 1.28d game. I just think, if someone who has no knowledge of EAW and tries this, they could be pleasantly surprised. They might like the game and might seek further information, hopefully arriving at Mark's cornucopia of EAW facts and data. My AVG anti-virus had no problem with the download and it's ultra-sensitive these days.
  7. The future of First Eagles

    There are some third-party mission generators.. There is one called KMD, which I think works with FE2. There is also one called 'le missioneur' and another called sfpedit. All are available in the SFP1 downloads section (under utilities/editors).
  8. European Air War HD

    This file is a useful 'plug and play' for a novice to begin with the European Air War experience. it seems to be a complete install of 1.28d, which is a very good version of EAW. I'd recommend downloading Great Shot II from Tally Ho at the EAWforum at SimHQ and combining the two (just be sure to delete the Great Shot 'main2pic' or it'll crash).
  9. The future of First Eagles

    I find the FE2 mission generator realistic. You can choose factors such as the time and type of the mission and choose the weather you wish to fly in, but you have no control over the things that, historically, one had no control over, such as the enemy plane types one might encounter.
  10. One factor I have come to appreciate all the more as I get older is the value of time. Therefore, I greatly appreciate a sim that loads quickly and expeditiously launches me into the action. I could never make any fist of ROF, so it has gone from my hard-drive. WOFF is good, but takes an age to load on my pc. With FE2, I am quickly into what Lima vividly describes as a seat-of-the-pants dogfight, which is what it's all about. The same impatience has led me back to the slimmer HSFX 7 from VP's fantastic, but slow-loading modpack; and has induced me to return to the resurrected European Air War and even to dabble with MiG Alley. It's all about the gameplay, I think. Shiny, fancy planes are all very fine, but this quality should only matter as a desirable but not necessary addendum to good gameplay.
  11. The future of First Eagles

    I have RoF, but removed it from my hard-drive due to requirements for space. It looks great up high, but I could never bring myself to like the terrain. Unfortunately, all the dogfights seemed to head downwards quickly and end up the same predictable turnfight every time. I just didn't find it as entertaining as FE2 or WOFF. Whatever about the future of First Eagles, its present is very fine indeed. The boost provided by Geezer's prolific burst of activity, VonS' sterling work on fm's and effects and the continuous generosity of Stephen and others keeps this game in rude health. I recently find myself playing with this and European Air War more than anything else, simply because both games load up quickly and one can get into the action promptly.
  12. You're quite right. Air-starts are for when one is in a hurry for a quick dogfight and I'll not be doing too many of those in the Farmans.
  13. Thanks, gentlemen. The formations are the source of my problem, I would think. However, since you have been so diligent and historical in compiling these formations, VonS, I hesitate to alter them and will make a point of starting on the ground with these Farmans.
  14. Further update: The phenomenon does not occur when I start on the ground, only in the airstarts I had been doing-there's quite a bit of logic to that, isn't there!? Thanks again for all your help, VonS.
  15. Update. Problem still remains. Noticeable in both internal and external views.

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