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  1. Problem with FE2 effects

    One further thing. I noticed planes with rotary engines had no exhaust fumes at all. So, I copied (after appropriate backing up) my InlineExhaustEmitter file and renamed it as RotaryExhaustEmitter. I then opened it and renamed the internal file name from InlineExhaustEmitter to RotaryExhaustEmitter. I then replaced the original RotaryExhaustEmitter file with this new one. This gave my rotary planes an exhaust trail similar to the inline ones. I considered this exhaust trail to be excessive for the rotaries, so I cut and pasted the text of the data properties from the original RotaryExhaustEmitter file into the newly created one until I got a trail that was more to my satisfaction, in my case, a shorter trail. It requires a bit of trial and error and be sure to have back-ups of all these files.
  2. Problem with FE2 effects

    Using VonS' method, I discovered my problem. It was caused by a file called 'InlineExhaustEffect' in my Effects Folder. When I removed it, I got my exhaust smoke back. Additionally, my trial-and-error has brought home to me that TK's stock effects are quite good in themselves. Thanks to everyone on the thread. It has been a great learning experience. Mick.
  3. Problem with FE2 effects

    I tried that, but it didn't work. I must try VonS' suggestion.
  4. Problem with FE2 effects

    I've tried everyone's very helpful recommendations, but still no change for me.
  5. Problem with FE2 effects

    Silberfeil, this unfortunately doesn't seem to work in my FE2.
  6. Problem with FE2 effects

    Padlock works perfectly in my European Air War and BoBII installs!
  7. Problem with FE2 effects

    I notice the planes in my install all have ExhaustEmitterName=InlineExhaustEmitter in the Engines section of their Data.inis, but I noticed I had no file of this name in any of my effects mods. Therefore, I found one in my Stary Effects install in my Korea Mod, placed it in my FE2 Effects folder, but still no exhaust smoke.
  8. Problem with FE2 effects

    I can report the same as Eugene. No exhaust effects. I've tried stock, Laton, Ojcar and Stary effects and combinations of both, but no success.
  9. Actually, it was 7-Zip that failed to open it and Winzip (trial version free) succeeded. However, I took Wrench's advice and updated my 7--Zip and that seems to have solved the problem. Thanks to everyone that rowed in so promptly with solutions. [By the way, it was well worth the trouble-Tornos planes and cockpits are top class].
  10. FW-190 A8 (1.0 BETA)

    Great plane model and simply superlative cockpit. Thank you.
  11. Update: I redownloaded and found the same problem. I then downloaded the WinZip trial utility and it worked.
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply. I will try again. I read mercier's review of two of the files which said 'corrupt file or unknown format', so I assumed that this might be the case.
  13. I have just downloaded all three of Torno's very promising-looking FW-190's, but all present with the message 'Cannot open file' when I attempt to open them, something I have never previously encountered in files downloaded from CombatAce. Is it possible to correct them or could somebody kindly re-upload the files? Thanks in advance.
  14. Fokker EI-EiIII skin

    Great skin, Eugene. It lives up to your description of photo-realistic.
  15. Battle of Britain II seems to have multiple problems on Win 10. European Air War has been reported as not running as well on 10 as on 7. The lesson seems to be the understandable one that an older OS is better for older games.

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