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  1. TrackIR 5 Review

    If that clip breaks, search for the 'Delaun Clip' for TrackIR-it's a lot sturdier.
  2. New Aircraft

    According to Wickipaedia, the Vimy never saw active service in the Great War, so that makes it a little easier to do without it.
  3. In this company, I feel unworthy to comment, but all I can say, which isn't much, is that European Air War and the Strike Fighters/First Eagles sims are the games of their genre that I continue to enjoy and play the most. I owe an unrepayable debt to the various modders concerned, but also to one other...
  4. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    VonS, take all the time you need and thank you for your work. Now, how did these jalopies get off the ground in real life? And how brave, or insane, were the men who got into them in the belief that they could?
  5. Best set up for retro pc gaming?

    I find Windows 7 to be very amenable to older games. For me, EAW, Mobil Rally Championship and Panzer Elite all work excellently in this OS.
  6. EAW available at GOG.com!

    Loads of mods available, which should work and it should be easy to convert to more developed versions of 1.28.
  7. EAW available at GOG.com!

    I can confirm that it works on Windows 7. It is based on the original 1.28 exe. Hopefully, it will bring some new people to the game and bring back some who might have given up on it due to XP and nVidia incompatibilities.
  8. I have WOFF too, which is a very fine game, but I usually (as in 90% of the time) opt for TK's simple masterpiece, perfected by so many great modders. I admire the WOFF terrain, but now FE/FE2 is going to have one to match it. Thank you so much.
  9. I bought a Creative Soundblaster USB soundcard quite cheaply recently (around the €30 mark).
  10. Edward originally did a great job on this terrain. It has stood up really well. I think it repeats tiles, but it's not very obvious, even at altitude. I think it's a very wise choice for an upgrade. Silberfeil did suggest a very ambitious project. All I would say, in the limitations of the time available to you of course, is could the textures about to be developed for Flanders be made transferable for Verdun and Cambrai?
  11. 1). Still playing and enjoying FE2. 2). Still use Edward's Flanders-terrain, possibly more than any other. I would certainly use a revamped version. Thank you for considering this.
  12. Thank you. There's lots to work on there. I find that it's not so much the accuracy is the problem (my own wouldn't be great, either and these were very unsteady gun platforms), but some of the two-seaters rarely fire at all. Therefore, the AI settings might be the key. Happy Christmas to you and to all on here!
  13. I have found for quite a while now, that when attacking two-seaters, the rear gunners rarely fire back. I have adjusted some of the guns, removing the '_Gunner' add-on to some of the machine-guns, having read that these refer to weaker guns, but perhaps I've made it worse. Most of my rear gunners are set to fire at 650m, with a percentage chance of fire set at .8. The German gunners seem the poorest.I don't reember it always being this way, but the challenge seems to have gone out of attacking two-seaters. Has anyone any suggestions?
  14. I know how much this means to you, so I am so glad you got it working. I felt terrible I was unable to help, but unsurprised that you succeeded.
  15. VonS and a Bleriot XI

    Useless in combat? Represents an improvement on me.

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