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Help using skins please

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I'm new to Strike Fighters 2 and have been reading and trying to add skins to SF 2. I have created a MOD file using JSGME but cant seem to find and use the aircraft in the game.


Do you have to create a special mission or campaign to use them?


Grateful for any help.

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You should place the new skin folder in the given aircraft's main folder.

Make sure that the new folder has the file called Textureset.ini and inside it the textureset name not collides with an already existing skin name.

Just an example:


Name=VVS Desert  <---- this should be unique

Also make sure that the aircraft has a cockpit folder, otherwise might not visible under the flyable types roll down menu in game.

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as a new user, the best thing you can do is browse through the Knowledge Base(s) - there's one for each series.


SF/WoE/WoV/WoI -- aka '1stGens'. While older, there's a LOT of information that's still quite valid for SF2




and, of course, the SF2 KB:




98.6% of all your questions will be answered therein.

Also, it EXCEEDINGLY important to READ the readme enclosed with the downloads, and FOLLOW their instructions. If the mod maker has done their job correctly, it's amost (cavet!!) a no-brainer to install.



It's also advisable to spend time familiarizing oneself with not only the game's folder structure (aka "the mods folder"), but the various in-game menus and drop downs.


skins are selcted on the Loadout screen.

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