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CombatACE Getting Its Time to Shine on 1506 Virtual Spotlight

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I'm currently working on a segment for CombatACE. Some of you are familiary with the CombatACE Spotlight well the 1506 Virtual Spotlight is like that but on a grander scale and I would like to do a segment on the best website for aviation simulation CombatACE and wanted a get a few quotes from a number of you here on what you think about CombatACE New Guys or Veteran Guys I want to hear from you.. you just might get to your qute featured in the up comming story.


I'd like to use some images from screen shots and mods here so if you're a screen shot owner or mod developer that has  a mod featured here I'd like to use those images as well. I like interviewing you guys and I've decided I'm going to interview even more people but I'd like to get CombatACE in there too.


Facebook page just recently launched so its not much to look at ... yet.


1506 Virtual Spotlight Facebook page


1506 Virtual Spotlight is up and running too.


1506 Virtual Spotlight


The global audience is growing slowly but surely... and I'm working on some cool content exclusively for CombatACE (I'm not telling because I don't want to ruin it. But if what my contact says is true then you'll know about it soon enough.)

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The folks at CA are truly awesome. The flowing support from them when I told them about my testicular cancer was jaw dropping. It made me realize how real they are despite being on a forum with only words. Before that they knew me as the babe guy in Column.us's forum and from my HDR mods before TK turn on Directx 10 in SF2.


Erik Glascoe AKA Falcon

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