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Airfield runway lightOn setting 0.25 0,50 or 0.75 ?

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What to choose for the runway light Settings.

Stock airfields seems to have  the 0.50 entry

Some mod airfields use 0.25

and i read that someone used 0.75 so had runway lights on at bad weather?


What's the difference?

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0.25 means the lights are on for a quarter of the day (mainly night).

0.50 means the lights are on for half of the day.

1.0 means the lights are always on.



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It is not a proportion of the day, it is regulated by the ambient light level.


If you look in the EnvironmentSystem.INI file you will see that the ambient light level (SunLightLevel=) varies depending on the time of day and the weather. Day=0.99, Twilight1=0.8, Twilight2=0.35, Night=0. This can be modified (i.e. reduced) by weather, the multiplier being 0.82 for Overcast and 0.7 for Inclement.

So if you want the lights on all the time set this at 1.0. If you only want them on at night set them at 0.25. If you want them to come on at dusk you could try something like 0.85.

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