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  1. Anyone excited for the new Star Wars Battlefront?

    EA confirmed dedicated servers but there won't be server browser (yet). Btw: there is a free for all beta in 5 days.
  2. One last question. Where is the IFF indicator? Last night my wingman died by aehm cough cough friendly fire.
  3. Thx guys. Flew a single mission only today but was able to get 2 kills using Sparrows and 3 kills using Sidewinders. And i made it home! Thx for your tips! Rends
  4. Guys, Got the Vietnam version a couple of days ago and it feels so different then Europe or NA. First i don't know that much about the Vietnam war. Sure i've watched Platoon or Full Metal Jacket in the past. I know what Vietkongs are or Napalm but not much about the history. I'm currently watching a 12 part documentation on YT to learn more about it. But back to SF2. I flew 5 mission and got killed 4 times. I survived one but that was the carrier landing mission without enemy contact. In the first mission flying a Phantom i tried to go infight with a Mig17. Even with afterburner i ran into stall in horizontal turns and it ended beeing shot few minutes later. The Phantom turned like a brick. Learned from the first i tried a more boom and zoom tactic with vertical turns in the second mission. That worked better but all 4 Sidewinders went into Nirvana. Noone tracked a Mig. Got a lucky shot with the cannon but was shot by another moments later. In the third mission i tried to use the Sparrow. In the meantime i found out that the Sidewinders need to be released at a very close range >2 mls. But how do you target and track an enemy with this poor Radar? There is search and boresight radar only but the target aquire function button didn't seem to work . At least not for me. So i couldn't fire up a Sparrow. Not to mention that i was shot down minutes later again. In the fourth mission i tried a bombing mission. Thought it would be easier. But i was wrong. I was able to hit an airfield fuel depot but the damn NVA AA guys shot my bird in pieces. Any help would be usefull :-) Rends Btw Starys green hell looks great. And he is right. It's a damn hell!
  5. Want to get Vietnam in the next days and it should be merged with Europe and NA. I remember someone posted that if you make a merge install i need to backup or rename something or i might loose third party stuff. Guess it's the stuff in the the mod folder. Can anyone tell me exactly what to do? Thx, Rends
  6. I would like to fly the Intruder but couldn't find a flyable version yet. Not at Thirdwire and not at the dl section here. I only found the Superpack with no cockpit and a file in the cockpit section which seems to be a graphic replacement only.
  7. Thx Guys! Seems to work fine. And i'm running Windows 10 now!
  8. Ok, Thx Wrench. I will keep that in mind. Rends
  9. Thx! Great to hear that it can be done. Rends

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