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  1. Beautiful looking aircraft, thanks mate. And a very smooth flight model.
  2. USS Lexington found

    I agree, it should be left undisturbed, as a memorial to those who died (and, no doubt, some of whom are still aboard). The whole thing is remarkably preserved, and some of the aircraft look quite fresh, considering they have been under water for 76 years. Have a look at these two, a F4F Wildcat and a TBD Devastator. The Felix the Cat squadron emblem and four kill markings are clearly still visible on the F4F!
  3. USS Lexington found

    The USS Lexington has been found, after 76 years: https://www.afp.com/en/news/23/wreckage-found-wwii-aircraft-carrier-uss-lexington-doc-1201xk2 God bless all the heroes who served and died aboard her.
  4. Thanks mate, looking forward to them when they are ready. Beautiful-looking CR.32 and SM.81, and the others.
  5. Any further news about the release of these beauties?
  6. As well as the Read-Only property on the sim INI file, I think you also have to have at least one friendly and one enemy aircraft in your aircraft set, or all the stock aircraft will repopulate. So leave a MiG in, as well as your F-15A.
  7. I had this problem a while back, and I think the solution is to make the main sim INI file (the one that goes with the sim EXE file, so yours is probably StrikeFighters2.INI) as Read-Only (right-click on the INI file, and under Properties check the Read-Only box, and apply).
  8. Thanks Steve! The Kubelwagen is a nice WW2 addition for this sim, but it has always troubled me, seeing a column of the stock TW jeeps on the move, without a driver between them, so this is a great upgrade .
  9. That planning map dialog box comes up automatically when I hit F10, the command to create the maps. You can then check or uncheck all the options you can see on Gerwin's screenshot above. Clicking on "Create" then creates all three planning maps, with the options you have selected.
  10. Many thanks Gerwin, I really like the new format of the planning maps.
  11. Nice screens, thanks Viper. Very dramatic, particularly the Credits screen.
  12. You will need to extract and edit the Formation.INI file, which should then be put in the Flight folder. In Formation.INI look for the line Level[01].Size=32, and change the number to whatever you want. [FormationType009] Name=TruckConvoy FormationType=GROUND BaseLevel=1 Level[01].Name=Convoy Level[01].Size=32 <-- change this Level[01].Formation[01]=ConvoyLine
  13. Big job, thanks for this mod ShrikeHawk. I have found that if I fly for the Finns I will be flying from a Soviet airbase to bomb Finland, and if I'm flying for the Soviets I will be flying from a Finnish or Swedish airbase to bomb Russia. This was a bit disconcerting, so I have made a quick and dirty mod for the Sweden terrain in this Continuation War mod, changing the Alignment= tag for each town and airbase. Finnish towns and airbases are now ENEMY, and Soviet ones are FRIENDLY. I also made all the Swedish towns and airbases Alignment=NEUTRAL, as they were at this time. So now all your missions will be between Finland and the Soviet Union/Baltic States, from Finland if you are flying for the Finns and from the Soviet Union or Baltic States if you are flying for the Soviets. I also changed the terrain name in terrain INI file to be Baltic States WW2, to distinguish it from the original Cold War Sweden terrain. Just copy these enclosed three INI files to the Sweden terain folder in your Continuation War Mod (backing up the originals first, in case you want to revert to the originals). Just a small mod, but it makes the missions much more realistic for me to have them flying from and targeting the right places. WW2SwedenTerrain_for NonDATContinuationWar.rar
  14. I agree with Veltro2k, let's not go the way SimHQ went and descend into personal attacks. Thanks, MiGBuster, for proving my point: that a reasoned comment which doesn't fit the group-think of this forum (such as "A-Team: bad") is often met with cyber-bullying. No wonder that talented contributors leave. I don't see anything in that 2014 SimHq thread you point to which says anything different. You still seem angry about something (as you did in 2014), and I still don't understand why, but you do not seem to have any answer for the three main points I made in my recent post: 1. It is not constructive or friendly to call someone an asshole or a wankspangle (whatever that is), or insult them or their work just because you don't have access to it. 2. Quite a few people have been driven away from CombatAce in the past by cyber-bullying from those in the "in-crowd" (Gramps and Gepard, for example, or for that matter Capun), and the whole SF community has suffered because of it. By cyber-bullying I mean personal attacks without substantive content, often combined with the editing or removal of reasoned responsive posts. Your jibe above, about me having a short memory, is a good example - it doesn't arise from anything I said here or in the SimHQ thread you reference, nor does it respond in a logical way to anything I said, but it makes a good dismissive slur. 3. not everyone has access to everything on this site, there are the secret developer forums for the in-crowd but not the rest of us.
  15. I agree with 76.IAP-Blackbird, it is one game and it would be better if everyone got on and could share stuff. I know I have said this before, but I am just really happy when people spend a lot of their time creating things which I enjoy using in my spare time, I don't feel I have the need, or the right, to make offensive criticisms. I am one of the dual-site nirvana people, so I guess I am lucky in that regard. But I have to say that there are some people here at CombatAce who perpetuate the problem, with insulting and in some instances obscene language about the A-Team people (if you have a short memory, have a look at the recent thread http://combatace.com/topic/88172-getting-it-off-my-chest).What is constructive or friendly about calling someone an asshole or a wankspangle (whatever that is), or insulting their work just because you don't have access to it? I find that there is none of that over at the A-Team forum. I don't know if it is not allowed or if people over there are just more civil, but you never get that sort of childishness, not even about the most ignorant or offensive posts over here. If someone has a query it gets answered, and I have always found them helpful if I can't get something to work. People can get banned at this forum too, of course, and I can recall quite a few who have been driven away from CombatAce in the past by cyber-bullying from some of the "in-crowd". And remember that not everyone has access to everything on this site, there are the secret developer forums for the in-crowd but not the rest of us. Peeppu: sorry to hijack your thread, I suggest you apply for registration at the A-Team Forum and see how it goes.

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