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  1. Flying a plane is not the same as driving a car (I do both), principally because of both inertia and friction. Inertia is the tendency to stay put, or (if you are moving) to keep going in the same direction. Friction is what slows you down. Heavy objects moving fast have greater inertia than lighter objects moving slowly, and air provides much less friction than a road surface. Imagine driving your car at 200-300 mph on an icy road. If you turn the steering wheel, you might turn the nose of the car a little and think you have changed direction, but your car will keep going in pretty much the same direction - you will just be skidding along the road. Same in an aircraft. Air is slippery, like the icy road. If you apply the rudder you might turn your heading a bit and think you are going in a different direction, but inertia will keep the aircraft going in your original direction. You will just be flying crabwise. The rudder works OK at low speeds (because the aircraft's inertia is not as great as at high speeds), but to turn at high airspeeds the ailerons are the things you need.
  2. Good-looking work on these cockpits, looking forward to them.
  3. The PZL P.24 in the Royal Hellenic Air Force in 1941:
  4. Nice-looking Skyhawk! But I can't resist the Crocodile Dundee response: "that's not a Draken, .... this is a Draken":
  5. Ships on terrain

    Or, in the terrain Movement.INI, this route on land is set up as RouteType=SHIPPING.
  6. object scale in FE1 and FE2

    I have FE1, and the buildings are to the same scale as SF1 and FE2, 100%. The height to the first floor/roofline level in (for example) the FE1 FRSmallVillageBlock.LOD and FrTownBuilding1 (also 2 thru 4).LOD is real-life scale, 2.5m, the same as in SF1 and SF2. Some of the stock FE1 buildings are in fact exactly the same objects which TK first used in SF1 (Tent1.LOD, Windsock.LOD and Church_Small_LOD), and they are all 100% scale. I have always thought that the 63% buildings look too small.
  7. object scale in FE1 and FE2

    Just checked the Berlin cathedral from the GermanyCE terrain with the LOD Viewer. The LOD is 73.2m wide and 114.2m high (actual cathedral: 74m wide and 115m high, according to Wikipedia), so it looks like the SF terrain objects are 100% of scale too.
  8. object scale in FE1 and FE2

    All of the FE1 objects are 100% of actual size, as far as I can see. Here are some examples, from the LOD Viewer: FT-17 tank 5.0m long (actual 5.0m) Fokker D.VII 6.94m long (actual 6.95m) Mk IV tank 7.915m long (actual 8.05m) SE.5A 6.38m long (actual 6.38m) SPAD XIII 6.29m long (actual 6.25m) The only real discrepancy I could find is the Liberty truck, which is 7.25m long in FE1, which Wikipedia lists as 6.706m long (108% of actual size). I don't know where this idea about 63% comes from, but it isn't from FE1 as far as I can see.
  9. Another Polish machine in Romanian service on the Russian Front, the PZL P.23 Karas:
  10. Nice-looking Corsairs. To continue with a naval theme, a couple of Fairey Gannets on the deck of HMS Centaur:
  11. The PZL P.11c's successor, the P.24E, here serving with the Romanian Air Force on the Russian Front
  12. PZL P-11c

    Superior Polish engineering! Actually, it turned out I was using an older beta of the P.11c LOD. Here is the actual P.11c, with wing braces all present and correct:
  13. You have to admire the men who flew these against Bf-109s:

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