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  1. Siemens-Schuckert D.I uploaded

    I am not sure, but the [Engine] variable ThrottleRate= might have an effect on this. I love this little aircraft and its prop doesn't trouble me, but for people who want to explore this issue, try some different numbers like ThrottleRate=0.1 and ThrottleRate=0.9, and see if there is a difference.
  2. Very nice Menrva, thanks. The original version of this terrain is by Edward, but this rebuild of yours is right up to current standards, great job!
  3. Speed

    Meters per second.
  4. Beautiful looking aircraft, thanks mate. And a very smooth flight model.
  5. USS Lexington found

    I agree, it should be left undisturbed, as a memorial to those who died (and, no doubt, some of whom are still aboard). The whole thing is remarkably preserved, and some of the aircraft look quite fresh, considering they have been under water for 76 years. Have a look at these two, a F4F Wildcat and a TBD Devastator. The Felix the Cat squadron emblem and four kill markings are clearly still visible on the F4F!
  6. USS Lexington found

    The USS Lexington has been found, after 76 years: https://www.afp.com/en/news/23/wreckage-found-wwii-aircraft-carrier-uss-lexington-doc-1201xk2 God bless all the heroes who served and died aboard her.
  7. Thanks mate, looking forward to them when they are ready. Beautiful-looking CR.32 and SM.81, and the others.
  8. Any further news about the release of these beauties?
  9. As well as the Read-Only property on the sim INI file, I think you also have to have at least one friendly and one enemy aircraft in your aircraft set, or all the stock aircraft will repopulate. So leave a MiG in, as well as your F-15A.
  10. I had this problem a while back, and I think the solution is to make the main sim INI file (the one that goes with the sim EXE file, so yours is probably StrikeFighters2.INI) as Read-Only (right-click on the INI file, and under Properties check the Read-Only box, and apply).
  11. Thanks Steve! The Kubelwagen is a nice WW2 addition for this sim, but it has always troubled me, seeing a column of the stock TW jeeps on the move, without a driver between them, so this is a great upgrade .
  12. That planning map dialog box comes up automatically when I hit F10, the command to create the maps. You can then check or uncheck all the options you can see on Gerwin's screenshot above. Clicking on "Create" then creates all three planning maps, with the options you have selected.
  13. Many thanks Gerwin, I really like the new format of the planning maps.
  14. Nice screens, thanks Viper. Very dramatic, particularly the Credits screen.
  15. You will need to extract and edit the Formation.INI file, which should then be put in the Flight folder. In Formation.INI look for the line Level[01].Size=32, and change the number to whatever you want. [FormationType009] Name=TruckConvoy FormationType=GROUND BaseLevel=1 Level[01].Name=Convoy Level[01].Size=32 <-- change this Level[01].Formation[01]=ConvoyLine

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