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  1. WWI Airfield Vehicles and Other Objects

    Thanks for these, they look good
  2. Try setting the terrain INI to NavalMap=FALSE and in the campaign data.ini file, under [CampaignData], set NavalCampaign=FALSE You won't be able to fly off a carrier, but you may get parked aircraft on the land airbases.
  3. What campaign and terrain is this? In the terrain ini file does it say NavalMap=TRUE? And in the campaign data.ini file, under [CampaignData], does it say NavalCampaign=TRUE I have often found that I get no parked aircraft on airfields in naval campaigns, but I do see them on the same terrain if the terrain and the campaign are not set as a naval campaign. Don't know why.
  4. Sopwith Triplane Uploaded

    Very nice addition, thank you.
  5. I've seen that sometimes when installing a new aircraft - the problem was usually a typo in the LOD name in the [LOD001] section of the INI file.
  6. Thanks for (re-)sharing these pix Streakeagle. I am more a WW2 flyer, but SF2 Korea is also great. Where do we get such men? (James Michener, The Bridges at Toko-Ri)
  7. Copy the folder for the campaign you want to use to your SF2 Campaigns folder (creating that folder if you don't already have one). Open the campaign Data.INI, and check that all the aircraft required by the SF1 campaign you want to use (AircraftType=...) are present in your SF2 install.
  8. Shouldn't be a problem. I just ported an old SF1 campaign to one of my SF2 installs as an experiment, and it worked fine. Check that all of the aircraft listed in the Data.INI of the SF1 campaign are in your SF2 install, and you should be good to go.
  9. Done some more testing, and the problem seems to be that the definition sections for the SovietBomber formation in the stock Formation.INI file did not have enough elements. Copy this amended version of Formation.INI to your Flight folder, and the problem should be fixed. FORMATION.INI
  10. I'm pretty sure this is a Formation.INI problem. I just set up a stock interception mission in a US fighter against Soviet bombers, and got the "multiple target aircraft in the one piece of airspace" problem. I saved the mission and then edited it by changing FormationType=SovietBomber to FormationType=USBomber, and it fixed the problem. So my bet is that the problem is in the formation definitions for Soviet aircraft in Formation.INI.
  11. I have seen this from time to time, on a variety of terrains, mostly with bombers or transports. I can't see how the Airfield INIs would affect aircraft formation in flight, I think it must be from a modded Formation.INI, but I have never seen it often enough to test.
  12. I have seen something like that drifting to one side a while back - check the Ymac= numbers for each lift surface. They have to be negative for the left wing components and stabilizers, and positive for those on the right side. It is easy to miss a minus sign (Ymac=-6.65 for the left wing of the stock B-52, for example, and Ymac=6.65 for the right wing)
  13. DeployValue means "deploy the flaps to this angle when the aircraft is at or below this speed in meters per second", and RetractValue means "retract the flaps from this angle when the aircraft is at or above this speed in meters per second".
  14. From TK's decal tutorial: DecalLevel= Decals can made to use different textures based on one of the four dynamic variables: aircraft’s Nation ID, Squadron ID, Aircraft Number, and Kill Number. You select which variable the decal should use by setting the DecalLevel, as follow: DecalLevel=0 –> Nation ID DecalLevel=1 –> Squadron ID DecalLevel=2 –> Aircraft Number DecalLevel=3 –> Kill Number DecalMaxLOD= This controls how far out the decal show up on the mesh. In the aircraft's INI file you will see (usually) 5 levels of detail, like this: [LOD001] Distance=100 [LOD002] Distance=250 [LOD003] Distance=1000 [LOD004] Distance=2000 [LOD005] Distance=13000 So if you put DecalMaxLOD=2 in the Decals.INI, that decal will only show out to 250m. Useful for limiting the distance at which the sim tries to render small decals (serial numbers etc), which helps with frame rates.
  15. Check the entry MaxPitchForAltitude= in the [AIData] section of the aircraft's Data.INI. The stock figure from AircraftAIData.INI is (from memory) 15, which is too high for WW2 aircraft. Try reducing it to 10 -12 for a WW2 fighter, and 8-10 for a WW2 bomber, and see if that fixes the problem.

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