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  1. DeployValue means "deploy the flaps to this angle when the aircraft is at or below this speed in meters per second", and RetractValue means "retract the flaps from this angle when the aircraft is at or above this speed in meters per second".
  2. From TK's decal tutorial: DecalLevel= Decals can made to use different textures based on one of the four dynamic variables: aircraft’s Nation ID, Squadron ID, Aircraft Number, and Kill Number. You select which variable the decal should use by setting the DecalLevel, as follow: DecalLevel=0 –> Nation ID DecalLevel=1 –> Squadron ID DecalLevel=2 –> Aircraft Number DecalLevel=3 –> Kill Number DecalMaxLOD= This controls how far out the decal show up on the mesh. In the aircraft's INI file you will see (usually) 5 levels of detail, like this: [LOD001] Distance=100 [LOD002] Distance=250 [LOD003] Distance=1000 [LOD004] Distance=2000 [LOD005] Distance=13000 So if you put DecalMaxLOD=2 in the Decals.INI, that decal will only show out to 250m. Useful for limiting the distance at which the sim tries to render small decals (serial numbers etc), which helps with frame rates.
  3. Check the entry MaxPitchForAltitude= in the [AIData] section of the aircraft's Data.INI. The stock figure from AircraftAIData.INI is (from memory) 15, which is too high for WW2 aircraft. Try reducing it to 10 -12 for a WW2 fighter, and 8-10 for a WW2 bomber, and see if that fixes the problem.
  4. This is a very fast aircraft! Thanks a lot.
  5. [Crocodile Dundee voice mode On] :) That's not a Condor over Germany. THIS is a Condor over Germany.
  6. Great-looking work, I'm looking forward to it, thanks Gepard. One small historical note, relating to the River Thames, since this is a WW2 terrain - HMS Belfast was only moored in the Thames, opposite the Tower of London, in 1971. She was not there during WW2.
  7. Amariani: try adjusting the center of gravity on your B-24 Data.INI, moving it forward. This model has CGPosition=0.0,1.8,0.0, and it sits on the runway just fine.
  8. Check whether there is a typing mismatch. The name of the terrain folder (which you call Iraq03 or Libya) has to mach EXACTLY the names for the INI files inside the folder. Iraq03 and Libya are not the correct names. So if it is Menrva's recent Libya Central Mediterranean terrain you are having trouble with, the terrain folder MUST be named LibyaCM, because that is the name of all the INI files in the folder. If you have a mismatch, like just naming the folder Libya, the terrain won't show up. Likewise with the two recent Iraq terrains. The folder must be named IraqWA or IraqWA_03, depending on which version you have downloaded and are trying to use. If they are not, they won't show up.
  9. Humpday Heavies

    A B-24D 98th Heavy Bombardment Group) on a dusk mission in the MTO, 1943:
  10. And if you want the stick and rudder pedals working as well as the mirror, add this to the Cockpit.INI Instrument[021]=Mirror Instrument[022]=Rudder_Left Instrument[023]=Rudder_Right Instrument[024]=Stick_Roll Instrument[025]=Stick_Pitch and then at the end of the file [Mirror] Type=MIRROR NodeName=Mirror [Rudder_Left] Type=RUDDER_PEDAL NodeName=PedalL MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=0.04 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=-0.04 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Rudder_Right] Type=RUDDER_PEDAL NodeName=PedalR MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-0.04 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=0.04 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Stick_Roll] Type=CONTROL_STICK_ROLL NodeName=Roll MovementType=ROTATION_Z Set[01].Position=-12.0 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=12.0 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Stick_Pitch] Type=CONTROL_STICK_PITCH NodeName=CStick MovementType=ROTATION_X Set[01].Position=12.0 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=-12.0 Set[03].Value=1.0
  11. The rearview mirror is easy to add to this great cockpit, by a couple of edits to the La-5FN_Cockpit.INI First, under [CockpitSeat001] ...... Instrument[020]=Attitude_Pitch Instrument[021]=Mirror <-- add this line Then at the end of the INI file, add this: [Mirror] Type=MIRROR NodeName=Mirror
  12. Great looking cockpit, thanks a lot Starfighter! I don't think Bunyap ever made a La-5FN, only a La-9 and a La-11 (back in 2005). AFAIK the only La-5 or La-5FN ever released are the A-Team versions.
  13. Check that the aircraft type for Instant Action is the same in both InstantAction.INI and in Options.INI. A mismatch causes a certain CTD, every time you select Instant Action. In InstantAction.INI in your Flight folder, you should have [AircraftMission001] AircraftType=F-86F (or whatever aircraft you want to fly) And in Options.INI, in your main folder, under the [InstantAction] heading, you must have exactly the same aircraft: [InstantAction] AircraftType=F-86F
  14. Only AircraftObject.DLL has the parameter CanFlash=. The other DLLs (NavalObject, GroundObject and GroundMobileObject) do not.

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