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  1. I just noticed that the ThirdWire forum is also down, it says: The website declined to show this webpage
  2. I don't think it is a separate part, it is part of the mesh Fuselage_Front (at least in the SF1 LOD version).
  3. The stock ThirdWire WW2-era piston-engine aircraft (P-51D and the Spitfires) don't use any exhaust emitter. In the [Engine] section of the Data.INI, the line is left blank: ExhaustEmitterName=
  4. One way to tone down the look of the exhaust for piston-engine aircraft is to modify the relevant TGA file. From ParticleSystem.INI, CleanExhaustEmitter uses a TGA file called Smoketrail.TGA. If you extract this file, then reduce it's opacity to (say) 10% or 20%, and then save and copy it to your Flight folder, it will significantly reduce to look of the exhaust. Alternatively, if you want a more complete solution for piston-engine aircraft, you can edit your ParticleSystem.INI file in the Flight folder. Under [EmitterType003] Name=CleanExhaustEmitter edit the TextureMaterial line as follows: TextureMaterial=SmokeTrailMaterial <--- delete this reference, so it reads TextureMaterial=
  5. To remove the underwing bomb racks from the Br19, in the [AircraftData] section add the following components: Component[015]=RemoveBit1 Component[016]=RemoveBit2 Component[017]=RemoveBit3 Component[018]=RemoveBit4 Then add: [RemoveBit1] ModelNodename=Empty DestroyedNodeName=LBombRack DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE [RemoveBit2] ModelNodename=Empty DestroyedNodeName=LOBombRack DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE [RemoveBit3] ModelNodename=Empty DestroyedNodeName=RBombRack DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE [RemoveBit4] ModelNodename=Empty DestroyedNodeName=ROBombRack DetachWhenDestroyed=TRUE HasAeroCoefficients=FALSE That should work :)
  6. Don't know, this Netherland's version is from the A-Team's WW2 Europe Mod (I love all those early-WW2 aircraft). I think the Netherlands skin is the only one they did.
  7. Thanks mate, I had missed that release, I have it now. Looking forward to the Belgian skin. Obligatory screenshot: the Netherlands Douglas 8A-3N in 1940
  8. Nice-looking Breguet. And it looks like a new model, not the existing A-Team model. Obligatory screenshot, the Breguet's companion-in-arms, the Belgian Fairey Fox Mk.VI:
  9. Nice variety of hi-res skins for the jeep, thanks. :) I wish the M38 model had a driver - I have always thought it looked a bit strange, having a bunch of driverless vehicles proceeding across country.
  10. Same here - there is no cockpit LOD in the package. Not a problem for me, since I have the cockpit files from the original Pasko Me-163 release, but it should be in this release for those that don't have it.
  11. MessageSystem.INI is the file you need. Extract it from FlightData.CAT, and in it look for the [MessageWindow] section: [MessageWindow] BackgroundImage=TextBackground.tga TopLeftPosition=0.22,0.8 BottomRightPosition=0.78,0.985 VerticalBorder=0.0015 HorizontalBorder=0.008 Change this to the numbers below will move the message box for you. You can play around with these numbers to suit your taste. [MessageWindow] BackgroundImage=TextBackground.tga TopLeftPosition=0.05,0.1 BottomRightPosition=0.45,0.285 VerticalBorder=0.0015 HorizontalBorder=0.008
  12. "only the pilot is not my author and I do not know who created it". The pilot is by RussoUK.
  13. I had the same problem, WinRAR would not open the RAR file, kept telling that the file was corrupted. Managed to get it open with 7Zip, though, and installed. I like the cockpit, it's been a while since we saw a new purpose-built WW2 cockpit. I am getting something strange in flight with this aircraft. It is hard to describe in words, but the center of the model seems to be some distance behind the tailfin, so in flight it rotates around a large circle, not around where the CoG of the actual aircraft is (that is, around about where the pilot is seated).
  14. There was a small nose extension which started with the A-5, as shown on this series of side elevations.
  15. Siemens-Schuckert D.I uploaded

    I am not sure, but the [Engine] variable ThrottleRate= might have an effect on this. I love this little aircraft and its prop doesn't trouble me, but for people who want to explore this issue, try some different numbers like ThrottleRate=0.1 and ThrottleRate=0.9, and see if there is a difference.

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