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  1. Sounds like vaporware to me.
  2. Pining for the fjords, by the look of them... Beautiful plumage. But they stun easily, the Norwegian Blue ...
  3. Thanks Menrva, it is good to have that confirmed.
  4. In some terrains, in the INI file, there is a line which reads LocationMap=..._Location.bmp. Does anyone have any idea what this file controls, or what it does? You see the line in most stock terrains, like VietnamSEA and IsraelME, and in many add-on terrains, such as Menrva's IraqWA and ItalySE. But they mostly don't exist. The only terrain in which I can find a Location.BMP file is the stock IsraelME terrain, which looks like this: Israelme_location.bmp
  5. I found this list in the ReadMe for the SWOTL mod: RAF Gloster Meteor Mk 3 Spitfire Mk XIV Tempest Mk V Tempest Mk II Hornet F.3 Martin-Baker MB 5 Vampire F.1 Gloster Meteor F4 Gloster Meteor F8 Vampire F.3 Vampire FB5 Lancaster Mk I Lincoln B.1 Canberra B.2 Douglas Dakota Handley Page Hastings Armée de l'Air P-47D Thunderbolt Vampire FB5 F-84E Thunderjet Dassault Ouragan USAAF P-38J Lightning P-51D Mustang P-80A Shooting Star P-47N Thunderbolt P-72A Superbolt F-80C Shooting Star F-84E Thunderjet F-84G Thunderjet F-86A Sabre F-94B Starfire P-47D Thunderbolt P-59B Airacomet A-26B Invader A-26C Invader B-17G Flying Fortress B-42A Mixmaster B-29 Superfortress B-36B Peacemaker B-45A Tornado B-47B Stratojet C-46A Commando C-54D Skymaster Luftwaffe Bf-109 G10 Bf-109 G14 Bachem Ba-349 Natter Bf-109 K4 He-219A Uhu Fw-190 A9 Fw-190 D9 Ta-154A Moskito He-162A Volksjäger He-178A He-280A Me-163B Komet Me-262A-1 Schwalbe Do-335A Pfeil Do-335B Pfeil Henschel Hs-P75 Me-P.1090 Libelle Go-229A-1 Fledermaus Ar-234 B2N Nachtigall Ta-183A Huckebein Me-262C-1 Schwalbe Me-262 HGIII Me-P.1101 Ar-234B Blitz He-177A-5 Greif Me-262A-2 Sturmvogel Blohn & Voss BV-170 Junkers Ju-390 “Amerika Bomber” Ar-234 C-2 Blitz Ar-234 C-3 (V-1 carrier) Junkers EF-132 Fieseler Fi-103 V-1 Fw-200 Condor .
  6. Dumb question about the two-seaters

    Can't be done in this sim. There is no mod where you can jump to a different seat, and you can only ever operate the forward-firing guns.
  7. It's freeware, but you have to join at that site to get it.
  8. ObjectData008.CAT seems to have the A-4 cockpit files in it.
  9. Thanks mate, a very useful reference. Good to know that Tiger Force aircraft had white upper surfaces (the same as post-War Canberras, in tropical areas) rather than bare metal (which I had always assumed). Now if only we had a dedicated Japan and Home Islands terrain for a Tiger Force/Japan 1946 set-up.
  10. TK's Decals Tutorial from 2002 says There is a max limit of 4 decals that you can apply to any single mesh. (ie, 4 decals max per fuselage, 4 per nose, etc, etc). Try deleting one of the other decals you have on Fuselage_P, the aircraft number or the squadron code, and see if the nose decal then works. Compulsory screenshot:
  11. Don't forget that the sim displays your Indicated Air Speed (the speed indicated in the cockpit), not your True Air Speed (which you can think of as your actual speed over the ground, assuming no head or tail wind). The rough rule of thumb (in non-metric units) is to increase your indicated airspeed (IAS) by 2% per thousand feet of altitude to obtain the true airspeed (TAS). So 250 km/h IAS at 22,000m is a bit over 600 km/h True.

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