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  1. That addition to the Data.INI fixes the sound, thanks Veltro. I tried reducing the radius of the nose wheel from RollingRadius=1.10 to RollingRadius=1.00 and it looks good, I'm not sure what adjustment Russo made. I like this Tu-160 model, but a new one could be even better!
  2. What a beauty - a big, elegant and very fast aircraft, with a huge bombload. I am enjoying fast low-level bombing attacks in this one. Congrats to Veltro2k and his team for this one!
  3. What a beauty. No ugly duckling this, but a beautiful swan! "It is the largest and heaviest Mach 2+ supersonic military aircraft ever built and second only to the comparable XB-70 Valkyrie in overall length. It is the largest and heaviest combat aircraft, the fastest bomber now in use and the largest and heaviest variable-sweep wing airplane ever flown." according to Wikipedia.
  4. A change of pace from the usual Sukhoi screenshots - the Sukhoi Su-2 in action against a German column in June 1941:
  5. Love the look of that Ching-kuo! A P-40T Twin Warhawk over Normandy:
  6. I really like the "Limit Texture resolution" feature, as a precaution against system difficulties, thanks Mue, and all decal options are now showing perfectly for me. This is a great utility, made even greater by your attention to detail. I wish some of the commercial software companies I deal with had your attention to feedback and commitment to customer service.
  7. Many thanks for posting this Russo, I haven't seen it in about 40 years, and that was in black and white, on TV. I love watching Vampires, I used to see them at airshows when I was a teenager. And that dawn take-off in the Hunters is pure art!
  8. A P-38J of the 20th Fighter Group on D-Day:
  9. Many thanks Mue, I have given v0.61 a good workout and it seems to be working fine, without the system freezes I was consistently getting with v0.60. Great job, and an essential tool!
  10. Here is mine, with the OSG log file option enable at the start. I was able to make about 6 or 8 rotations and movements of the aircraft before my PC froze. osg_logfile.txt
  11. Mue Here is the logfile from the PC which is giving the system freezes, from just after a freeze. It may be a coincidence, but after turning on the OSG logfile option in Debug it took a lot longer to freeze. osg_logfile.txt
  12. Mue I have just tried the new V0.60 LOD Viewer on my PC at work, and it works fine, moving and rotating that B-26 without any freeze. Here is the OSG file from that. I will try V0.60 on my other PC, the one that has been having the system freezes, later today, and send you the OSG file from that. osg_logfile.txt
  13. That is one of the aircraft I have been looking at which causes the system freeze, so maybe it is just my PC.
  14. Mue, I'm getting quite a few system freezes using this latest V0.60 LODViewer - the hard sort which requires a power-off and then power-on PC reset, not the soft Cntrl-Alt-Del sort. It happens two or three times in a row, immediately I try to rotate or move the LOD, then after reset I can use the Viewer for a while. Sometimes it happens again, after a few minutes of use. I use the Alt and mouse keys for movement and rotation. It seems to happen more readily with more complex aircraft models. The little A5M Claude (6000 polys), for example, gives no problems, but Veltro2k's B-26 Marauder or the A-Team's new B-26 Marauder (both 42,000 polys) freeze every time, usually at the very first attempt to rotate or shift the model. Any ideas on this?

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