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  1. FE2 - Toggle Landing Gear

    Good find Coupi! I just checked the default Contols.INI in one of my SF2 WW2 installs, and there are quite a few controls in SF2 which are not in the FE2 file, such as: FLAPS_DOWN=F FLAPS_UP=V AIRBRAKES_TOGGLE=S WHEELBRAKES_TOGGLE=B LANDING_GEARS_TOGGLE=G ARRESTER_HOOK_TOGGLE=H ENGINE_TOGGLE=CTRL+I DRAG_CHUTE=CTRL+B OPEN_BOMBBAY_DOOR=CTRL+O DROP_TANKS=CTRL+D JETTISON_STORES=CTRL+J CHAFF=C FLARE=X Probably not much need for a drag chute or chaff or flares in FE2, but I wonder if some of the others work? Some 1930's bombers, like the He-70 and of course the He-111, had bomb bays.
  2. CRICRI MC15 Small Plane

    Looks great, I would love to fly it (except in gusty winds, when I think it might be tossed around a bit). Very amusing editing of the registration code in the first photo (F-PITI turned into F-WITI) (linguistic note for non-English speakers: a F***wit is a stupid or thoughtless person)
  3. I've got a dedicated install for the SF2 Korean War mod, and love it. The aircraft set is a bit limited, about 40, but a lot of fun in the jets. I also have dedicated installs for WW2 ETO 1939-45 (170 different ETO aircraft), PTO 1941-45 (130 aircraft), WW2 Russian Front 1941-45 (95 aircraft), WW2 Finland 1939-44 (50 aircraft) and WW2 North Africa 1940-43 (120 aircraft), so I can't agree that SF2 WW2 never took off. There are a lot of WW2 aircraft (and ground objects) around. I don't fly DCS or Il-2, I found them too fiddly and difficult, but SF2 works a treat for me, for WW2 combat flying.
  4. Check that the aircraft type for Instant Action is the same in both InstantAction.INI and in Options.INI. A mismatch causes a certain CTD, every time you select Instant Action. In InstantAction.INI in your Flight folder, you should have [AircraftMission001] AircraftType=F-15A (or whatever aircraft you want to fly) And in Options.INI, in your main folder, under the [InstantAction] heading, you must have exactly the same aircraft: [InstantAction] AircraftType=F-15A .
  5. Great new terrain, thanks Gepard! Very barren and sub-Arctic looking. The oilrigs look great, and the occasional flocks of sheep are a nice touch! (although at 1.7m tall, they are pretty big sheep!)
  6. Great looking terrain - for everything from the Fall of Singapore to Kohima and Imphal! Any chance of release?
  7. Outstanding Yak cockpit, thanks a lot Starfighter!
  8. Great cockpit for the Spitfire IX, thanks Starfighter. It makes a good change from the usual Spitfire cockpit, Kesselbrut's model from 2005.
  9. There are two editors for SFP1 available here:
  10. Beautiful! Great attention to detail, and very artistic tiles.
  11. Looks great, thanks Gterl, I'm looking forward to it. That terrain looks very realistic!
  12. That addition to the Data.INI fixes the sound, thanks Veltro. I tried reducing the radius of the nose wheel from RollingRadius=1.10 to RollingRadius=1.00 and it looks good, I'm not sure what adjustment Russo made. I like this Tu-160 model, but a new one could be even better!
  13. What a beauty - a big, elegant and very fast aircraft, with a huge bombload. I am enjoying fast low-level bombing attacks in this one. Congrats to Veltro2k and his team for this one!

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