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Su-25A Grach/Frogfoot Repack

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Su-25A Grach/Frogfoot Repack

First of all this plane is here because of the hard work of the following people:





Armour Dave



and many others...


This is a repack of the Su-25A attack aircraft remade for SF-1 and tested in WoE October 2008 patch.


The original authors of this baby are AmokFloo and 76.IAP-Blackbird, who made the great model for SF-2, and then

Uhu recoded the ini files and made everything compatible with SF-1. I have later merged it with the fantastic MiG-27

cockpit made by Armour Dave and Sal, which was posted by Ordway.


I liked the Su-25T/39 version a lot but it was a little bit to much for me, and to much for the Russian Air force I guess. So this is what I have been waiting for.


A simpler, more down to earth version, rugged but still quite deadly in the capable hands. Reminds me a lot of the old Su-25A days of the LOMAC series!


WARNING: Except for the gun there are no other weapons in this pack for this bird so make sure you have some juicy Russian weapon pack installed.


P.S. There are some great skins for it made by WINGSOVERISRAEL at:



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Hi, thanks for the Credits, but I have not worked on this version. This beauty was build by Florian during a time where no real interest in red birds excisted. I have asked him for permission to rework his plane.


a completly new will come this first half of the year, together with some other birds



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