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F-29A Wardog

Dels' F-29A Wardog skin


The 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron, nicknamed Wardog, is the main squadron the player is assigned to in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It was initially a squadron composed primarily of trainees, led by Capt. Jack Bartlett (callsign Heartbreak One), and two other veteran combat pilots. They were engaged off the coast of Sand Island and all the pilots were killed, except for Capt. Bartlett, trainee pilot 2nd Lt. Kei Nagase (callsign Edge), and those on the ground. After this incident, she was moved up to the # 2 position because of her wild flying style. The rest of their flight consisted of the two trainees who had been on the ground during the fight, 2nd Lt. Alvin H Davenport (callsign Chopper) and 2nd Lt. "Blaze". This skin has Blaze's number.



-Special thanks:

-TK for the SF sims

-Dels for the plane and the templates I used

-EricJ for the tutorial I used

If I forget anything, please post a comment below.


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Nice skin! I love Ace Combat and The Unsung War is in my opinion the best of the series. It would be good to see new Ace Combat skins for the F-22 and the F-14. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks! I also love Ace Combat and The Unsung War is my fav too. And I'll make skins for all planes that have templates, I just need some more decals.

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