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Medal attribution with SF2V V2.1 sept13

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Hi everyone,


I just installed this beauty and it's a must have!


For the medals attribution (ex the US NAVY service) how come in campaign i can only get air medals even if i met the requirements for other medals (based on mission score alone). I did not change any setting for the medal parameters... (Kill set at 1 for both, mission success at 2 for both, only the mission score differ).


Also, What is counted as a kill? I know for sure aircraft is taking in consideration, but does buildings and ground vehicules counts also?


It's only a tiny thing that don't count but i'm trying to understand how it works so i could launch myself on a Canadian Air Force medals pack for my own pleasure!


Thanks to anyone who can explain this to my little self

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Might the answer be this line on every medals :


CanBeMultiple=TRUE   ???


I thing that whatever parameters you put in (ex. kills), the system only takes the lowest score giving a medal and will award this medal whatever you score... I remove this line and seems to work as i could get the air medal and dfc but is there a way to set medals as ''multiple'' as on a whole career it's dumb to get only 1 medal per award but a sea of purple heart looking at how many times i die :)


If somebody could light me up on this it would be great!

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