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Differences between "instant action" , "Training" and "mission editor"

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     Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I'll be perfectly honest from the start. I am banned from the EA forum because I was pretty annoyed at the attitude of many of their regulars over questions by not only myself but by many others who went there looking for help and got nothing but attitude. So I voiced my opinions and was banned. That being said, I hope that I will have a good long tinier here on this forum. I'm not a jerk, I just think it's mean spirited to attack people who get frustrated with the complexities of DCS, and I just saw so much of this on their forums. Lets face it....most people who purchase any of their packages for the first time face being overwhelmed to say the least. I purchased the A10c and still have not gotten around to really dealing with it because of all the intricacies involved. And....I'm a P-51 fan so I fly it most of the time.   


   So I come here to hopefully discuss issues I have and share stories of the cool things that DCS has to offer sim enthusiasts. After all.....it is a very good simulator and is so versatile that there are literally endless hours of great flying. So I would like to open my dialogue here with an observation and maybe to solicit some input. Hopefully a few of you have experienced some of what I'm going to address.


  When I go into the "instant Action" mode of DCS, I find it to be pretty friggin cool. If I only have a couple of minutes to goof off, I just do Ground attack and have at it. From time to time I'll do the dog fight if I really feel like I want to get my b-hind pounded. That AI plane seems to play by it's own rules and have no governed boundaries. I used the instant action mode to hone all of the axis controls and set up my X52 to the simulator. But what I have noticed is that when I go into the "Mission Editor" and set up a mission, the plane acts completely different. All of my axis settings seem to go out the window (especially my rudder). It's like the sim goes into another mode completely. And when I go on line and play, yet again the plane acts different. On line play is not as bad as the mission editor however. And there are other details that kind of make my point. Like when I'm taking fire and my plane is surrounded by pieces of the fuselage as it gets eaten away by the rounds in the "Mission Editor" missions. This does not happen in the "instant action" mode or training. But it just seems counterproductive to me to have all 3 modes act completely different. It's almost like you have to relearn the sim for each mode. Also, although I have the random failures turned off, in the "Mission Editor" missions, my engine will just freeze out of nowhere. Just seize right up. I'm not pushing it, all of my gauges show me well within the boundaries of safety, but my engine will just freeze, or I'll seemingly run out of fuel. Please keep in mind that this usually happens before I get to combat so I know it's not enemy fire. The other day I was just going into a dive to drop a couple of bombs and my engine governor seemed to just give out. I burned up my engine because I could not control it's speed. The "Mission Editor" in my DCS seems to ignore the random failure selection.   Has anyone else noticed any of this stuff? Am I missing something?


 I always fly in "Simulator Mode", I don't think I have ever tried "Game Mode" before. Unless of course, "Instant Action" puts you in game mode without giving you the option.


 DCS is a great simulator with a lot of really fun things. I really enjoy flying it. So if anyone knows what I'm talking about and maybe can steer me in a direction or tell me what they do to fix it, that would be great. And I am looking for anyone who likes to fly on line to come join me in some dog fighting or to team up with for missions. And again....I'm not a terrible guy, I just have a short fuse for mean spirited people. And I am sure that the people over at EA have had their share of people who don't seem to want to play nice on the forums. I was obviously one of those people. So I harbor no grudges, I just want to chat, fly, and have fun, and if I have questions, I don't want to be made fun of by someone who spends every waking hour playing with the software and treats you like your out of line or dumb because they've forgotten that there is a steep learning curve.


                                                                                         Thanks! Mark

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