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installing SF2 ww2 eaw -euro-terrian

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I am trying to install my 1st terrain addon , the above to SF2 Europe and i'm not sure about how to do it. As I understand it the EuroWW2 terrain folder gets installed to the installation rather than the saved game folder. and you have to open the SF2 GermanyCE. cat to do so, using the catpax extractor. Now do you install the whole folder or "select all" files individually?



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no nononono!!!


ALL add-on go into the mods folder (ie: saved games/...whatever). NOTHING ever goes into the 'core install' in the C:/Program Files (x86) section.


you need not ever touch the original terrain cats


right from the readme:



As I always reccomend, unzip the "euroww2_zip" to a temp folder, or your desktop or somewhere's else that easy to find.


Then, simply copy/paste, move, however you want to do it, EuroWW2 terrain folder INTO you main /Terrains folder in whichever game install you're installing it to!.


also, remember, it's designed for WW2 useage only! That's how the targeting is set up (to say nothing of the bases and stuff). Running it in years post-1946 may have some "issues".



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after installilng the ww2 stuff


also, is important to leave at least one each player flyable and AI controlled 'modern' aircraft in the install. I use a A-4E and MiG-21MF. For some reason, this seem to prevent the game engine's automatic rewrite, which reinstalls all the modern aircraft again. You can leave all the modern ground objects alone, too, as they ALL have start dates well beyond WW2

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