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Removing airspeed/altimeter/throttle gauge

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Hi all. I've been cruising around CombatAce for a while, but never joined the forums.. Anyhoo, this is my first post here, so please go easy if this has been asked.


That little gauge in the bottom left corner of the screen.. how do you get rid of it? I find when I take screenshots its a pain in the butt to edit out.. Any suggestions?



James :help:

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Welcome to the forums in a posting capacity.


What I do to get rid of that clutter, as I am a screen-shot junkie, is pause, do CTRL+F12,

and you then have free camera view, without the stuff in the bottom left, and upper right (RADAR).


The only things not removable are the target cones, if you use the easy HUD, and the waypoint

stuff/flaps/gear status in the top center.


CTL+F12 declutter a lot, and I use PSP7 to edit out the rest...



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Thanks, Spectre. I'll be happy to show some shots now without having to edit them.. :)


Thanks again


PS- Nice shot, by the way.

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