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I just downloading the TMF F-5E and wanted to know what everyone's tactics were for using them effectively. I find that it's instant turn ability is really really good but if you push the G's a little too hard the plane scrubs literally all of its airspeed and stalls. It's so tricky that I've seen AI's plow into the ground a few times already using them. I figured it would be a good match against some of the smaller Warsaw Pact fighters but now I'm kind of scratching my head on how to use it. The airspeed flop is brutal at low altitudes. 

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Just me, but I find many Warsaw pact fighters have better radar and all aspect missiles (read MIG-23 and MIG-25).  I have only rear aspect missiles.  If I approach them at 50 feet AGL(above ground level) and beam their radars (Turn 90 degrees to them and their missiles so losing their lock) when (if) they even lock on me, I can get close and use my small size and good climb to get on their tails.


It is also quite fun to plan a pincer movement with four F-5s.  Put two high up approaching the MIGs from far on my side and I and my wing man stay at 50 feet AGL.  When my poor wingmen act as decoys, I can stay undetected and completely get on the MIGs tails undetected while they are messing with my other flight. Also I can use close to the same tactic and dive to the ground while applying afterburner and lose my wing men and flight and approach at 50 feet undetected while the rest of my flight stays higher and distracts the MIGs. It is also called a hi-lo tactic.


If you are at a higher altitude and get  detected by MIGs, you can also dive straight down and beam them that way and then hide in ground clutter at 50 ft AGL and ambush them that way.

(EDIT- added more description on beaming)

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