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  1. Thanks @LucShep, I'll try setting it up on X Padder, Maybe i need more time to adjust to the Layout of the buttons. I like having the Throttle but everything just feel weird to me somehow. May be i just got too used to the Logitech+GamingMouse set up.
  2. Good day, My Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Finally kicked it so i went on Amazon and got a Thrustmaster T-Flight X . I knew i should have researched it first but i'm quite an impulsive person and the price was cheaper by 10USD compared to another Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. The thing i love about the 3D Pro is that i was able to mapped most of the Vital Function like Weapons Selection, Radar Mode and Radar Range, Radar Targeting and Acquisition and Firing the Gun and Missiles all inside the buttons reached by my thumb thanks to a modifier. Problem now is that the thing seems to lack any modifier/shiftkey and i cant seem to assign anything Using the preset and mapping just mixes the button and doesn't allow for a combo. Am i missing something or its just how it is? If so, is there a program where i can use a modifier key to allow for multiple combinations? Thanks.
  3. I have recently discovered that the Radar on/off command does instruct the wingman to shutdown and re-activate their radar. Conditions: I was flying an intercept mission with the F-14B Tomcat(TMF), radar on search. Heading to waypoint 3 i found a bear on radar about 80nm, corrected heading for an intercept course, at 60nm i designated an AIM-54 to it and instructed No.2 to attack my target and he responded by releasing two AIM-54. I maintained TWS and was readjusting course to waypoint 4 where another bandit was discovered 1 oclock at 90 miles. Adjusted my course to intercept 2nd bandit. at 40nm No.2 scored the hit. And i let no.3 take the 2nd bandit at about 50nm who also shot 2 Aim 54s and connected one of them. This confirms that the System allows for the player to assign hot targets to his flight and that the flight can attack designated targets with AHMs. Heading out to way point 5 i activated the radar on/off command and the AI confirmed. Found the main target about 40nm at a bit to the left of our noses. there were 4 on radar and i assigned 2 AIM 54 and asked No 2 to engage hoping he will immediately release two AIM 54s i waited until were about 30 nm and designated all my 54s to each bandit and asked both No.2 and No.3 to engage. No.2 and No.3 Didn't release their AHM and instead opted come in and use their AIM-9s. We are now in pursuit with the Tu-22s poised to drop their ASM on our fleet. Then i remembered the Radar On/Off command i gave. Hit the command and no.2 promptly confirmed and right after called a Fox 3. Instructed No.3 to attack and he also called for Fox 3. With No.2 Killing one of the Tu-22 with a winder and No.3 getting a hit with his remaining Aim-54s, I launched two Aim 54 bandit and each a sparrow for good measure. What i can deduce that the Wingmen does change the state of their radar using the command but at which state they are i would probably refer to Czech6 answer. My Radar was in an active state when i gave the first command and they turned off their radar.
  4. Look! I'm a console player now!

    Considering this post was done in 2014, the S7 Edge that was released last year had an octa core processor (2.3 quad for heavy lifting + 1.6 Quad for light use) and a 4GB ram. that's more numbers than the first laptop i had. Not to mention that this phone doubles as a camera, an mp3 player, an alarm clock, a personnal assistance,a Playstation or a gameboy, a navigation device and can survive a sudden typhoon and getting drunk at a pool party.
  5. Thanks for the additional info. Will try it out.
  6. Status update. Borked windows altogether. For some reason Ubuntu refused to install on a separate drive and decided to overwrite my windows. Oh well must have made a mistake. Installed "playonlinux" and installed the NA module through the application. The game loads and i can select a mission and actually enter gameplay. - Getting 15 FPS on average, I might need to find a more suitable driver than the GTX 6600 -Controls are locked to the default setting. Changing it through the ingame options freezes the game. And manually editing the Controls doesn't seem to stick. - I might have to check for a Controller Plugin. - Using a dedicated drive or folder for a game installation is still a mystery to me. I can't seem to find a layman instruction on how to do it. - Thoughts on Linux and the possibility on running SF2 at the moment; You really need to know how to use the terminal to get the best out of this Operating System, For newer games on steam that has a linux version there's no problem. But for an unsupported game like Strike Fighters 2, you're going to need a lot of patience and a lot of savvy. - Its seems to require a lot of work and a lot of studying but it does seems doable.
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking of grabbing a new SSD so i can test it on my Laptop. I think i'll start this over the weekend.

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