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F-100D Update


Regarding the F-100D:
3D Cockpit:
Work on this has been pretty much minimal due to availible time for a while.
Other than Limited time, I also wanted to study and experiment with several methods to aid in building the cockpit.
Once Time allows I will begin using these methods in a trial basis in a separate 3D scene before moving them to the F-100D Cockpit Scene.
Like I've stated before, Cockpits arent my thing, I'm used to building external meshes. So I'm having to learn and re-evaluate things as I do them.
In December I had started re-building over the external shape, (side panels, floorboards etc), 
The Methods I'm studying will be used to re-build the canopy frame, canopy, and adding details to the cockpit once it's basic shape is completed. 
Once that's all done and Texturing is finished, I will resume work on the panels, switches, gauges, and their animations.
Once the cockpit is in a basic functional state (All gauges/switches animated and imported to DCS), It will be passed onto the system coders to integrate systems.
While Systems are being coded, I will continue to Building up the details in the cockpit and also resume external Mesh.
External Mesh:
Still havent 100% decided if I want to continue using the one we licensed or start dedicating the time to building up from scratch 
(which I had started to reference using XSections in Max).
I've also been planning/working on Improved Afterburner Effects for Vietnam Era Afterburners, which I will move into testing sometime in the next 2 months.
AI Only/MIG-21 Adversary Release?:
I'd like to do it, If I can get time to finalize the external mesh and stuff, But it's not 100% my decision.
External mesh needs some work and I need to modify the Pylon Permissions some more, as well as Gear/SFM for AI.
If Anything I'll put whatever free time I have in the next few weeks on getting the External Module Ready for that just in case.
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Keep up the good work.

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