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Mig-25 and Soviet high altitude pilots family update

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I'm slowly going back in the saddle...

My Bazs and Netzs are always hungry so when i've decided to add the foxbats in their environment (using the latest eburger's pack) i've started to skin 'em again or better...update their skins.

Then with the help of Spillone we moved to update Florian's Soviet pilot too, removing the Life preserver and slightly modifying the helmet top, at that point we made both version of the VKK-6-GSH-6 high altitude combination The 1965 early GSH-6A (with the oxy tube on the left and cable routing to the front just below the visor frame, combination widely used in WP) and the GSH-6LP 1970's to present (with the oxy tube on the right and cable routing to the back) both version are skinned with the otion of the small tinted visor up or down and with russian-WP pilots and Middle eastern-exotic too for a total of 8, we also have made the version with the life preserver...not used in this flight combination (without VKK-6 coveralls)


a few pics better will add asap:


Pilots line up wit a 25 PU (skin updated - nose panels and colour match etc...)


Syrian and Iraqi-Lybian-Indian and russian RB's updated (anti glare and texture)

Soviet Mig-25 P and PU with updated textures and different radomes and numbers (right position and size)


Also incuding Lt. Belenko's Foxbat (Don't shoot at this one plz :))

Lybian and other foreign countries PU's too



















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I high res skin for the PU would also be nice, i don't think anyone would make a whole new trainer in the close future... nice pilots X-Ray, patiently waiting for them :D

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