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CVN-65 Enterprise (*)

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CVN-65 Enterprise (*)

Here you get the SF-2 upgrade for YAP CV-65 post Vietnam


What's in:


- The Big-E full working in SF-2NA standards




- YAP Carrier Pack II for original model (not icluded)

- paulopanz for SF-2 porting


- KJakker for V. 0.1 tweakings


- Snapper21 for V. 0.1 testings




- extract YAP Carrier Pack II

- copy CVN-65 in your mod Objects/GroundObject/ folder

- make a copy of CVN-65-02CC.LOD name it "CV-65_COL" and leave it in Objects/GroundObject/CVN-65 folder

- extract thIS pack

- copy all Objects folder in your mod folder and overwrite


@ paulopanz


(*) This is NOT a complete pack: you must own YAP Carrier Pack II


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This is great! Loving it as the Big E makes round the world cruise through my various installs (NA, Pacific, Persian Gulf and Med etc).

Did you ever do a SF2 conversion of the other YAP carriers? I seem to remember seeing some screenshots a few months ago but nothing in the downloads.

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I have some other conversions .... but I' waiting to see if YAP makes more (and better) carriers.

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