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EAW WW1 mod Planes menus house edit

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140Trial2016 plane.v.1


use dir set "WW1 Western Front (reduced tilemap)"




16 different planes for


Albatros CIII
Albatros DII
Albatros DVa
Albatross DIV
Fokker DrI - 16 planes
Gotha GV
Handley Page 0_400
Pfalz DIII
Spad VII
Spad VII-1
Spad XIII-1
Spad XVI
Salmson 2A_2


12 different planes for


Aviatik CI
Fokker DVII
Halberstadt CLII (2)
Morane Saulnier N
Nieuport 11_17
Nieuport 12_2
Nieuport 17_24
Nieuport 24
Nieuport 28
Oeffag DIII
Sopwith Camel
TWFSopwith Camel F1


1 plane for




A big thank you to TONY for this mod TWF
hoping the new campaign for this mod


Un grand merci à TONY pour ce mod TWF
en esperant des nouvelles campagne pour ce mod


bon jeux ... lauvo

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Peut etre une description d'installle plus specifique?  

Merci beaucoup.


In case High-school French is inadequate, please provide more details for installation.


Again, thanks!

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I think he has a newer game based or using Jels 150 version uploaded here on CombatAce some where.......Thats WWI.

I haven't never got a response from this guy, so good luck too.
I'd like to hear what you have to say about "his compilation"

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Left a review of his WW I mod in the appropriate location.  I could be wrong, but many of his downloadable files look like components/parts of his WW I mod, intended to use UAW 150V4 as a base game into which the WW I mod is installed.  Just a guess, though.

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