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  1. I don't know about you VBH, but I think they could have come up with a better name for an add-on than stealing your idea for a name. But I think thats your point. You guys need to remember too, that even EAWv1.2 has a superior interface, hence 160 is so difficult to use because of its external frontend (also that it requires special files to be installed to get it to work even.). Even with the dummies frontend you made and named, its hard. But whatever, just cause you can't do anything about it, doesn't mean its not a problem. Now I'm off the OP of this thread. ugh.
  2. Not petty, nor little. You guys are so obvious. lol I'm rolling..... You guys couldn't stay on the specific topic if you had too. ha ha The use of "Final Cut" in the project name is another jab at VBH. It's clear.
  3. I seen it and its all sick behavior. Somethings wrong with someones thinking. or they know how well your product is and they are jealous. Its one of those.
  4. I have made much progress on this help doc. However, If anyone is waiting for me to complete it, please don't wait to long as I have taken a break from it. I have to learn the software provided to fill out steps and notes about the 3DZ Studio program. Do I think the doc will got into very complicated stuff?, perhaps a slite step in that direction, but the information out there is complcated to decipher at this point. I need to find time to learn.
  5. Good to read

    Perhaps his system was already infected, IDK. I'm not expert to these types of things. Or perhaps one of the advertisements was infected when he clicked to download.??
  6. The early systems included windows disk and they worked on any computer, then like within a short time I remember systems coming with windows disks / restore disks just for the given system. ME uses 32 bit virtual device drivers for some of the hardware. VXD's I think was the extension. I know my sound card eventually got VXD drivers and it worked well in Win98 and WinME. Anyhow thats what ME was about, getting the manufactures ready for the next windows release. So long ago so I can be wrong about this. I'd try the new emulaors out there, or the win95 app for win10 i just learned about. IDK how good any of this will be......
  7. Wrong forum, a computer / hardware forum would be better to get a good response. But tail end of winxp wont have support for win95/98 os , like software and drivers for chipsets and hardware peices. Alot of people have winxp, for xp games not win95 games.
  8. I'm still working on the 3DZ Modeling Help Doc I have made much progress, however I have not received much recent help besides a bunch from EAWPRO developer , VBH. All other information is coming from old threads and old web sites. I do have some notes and small tutorials but none of the ones listed above. I will only get so far with the help doc and then I will eventually need to get more info or questions answered before the rewritten edited text will possibly come to a halt. I'm eager to complete this document as it will help new modelers or hopefully existing ones as well.
  9. Good to read

    Yeah, I didnt want to mention he needed help as I read in the SimHQ forum. I was concerned it would have been seen as an attack on 160, but wouldn't have been, and is not now. Everyone almost have issues with EAW it seems when they first get going. The fault lyes in the original code and windows os issues primarily , and other subtle file management issues by users. Your welcome BTW.
  10. Good to read

    okay. Well UAW 160 is a good game... Thats praise from me again.
  11. Good to read

    Not sure why you made a new thread to post something like this. Unless your maybe concerned still and unclear what I personaly have said about the recent (and old) feedback meant to be helpful. I and a few others use to praise the UAW work, but never got a thank you or similer thought in return. So I turned to just giving feedback as an un-emotional helpful information. (buts its takenmost the time in a misguide way). Then I relized there was something else wrong with the way people behave in this community (in partial the codegroup) and refrained from much praise at all. I have praised VBHs work as well, but have refrained from doing so too often in recent times. Not for the same reason though as I know he knows I mean well, even if I sound concerned myself about a change. Why did I bother posting this? IDK, not much else going on in the forums at the moment. But its definatly something to think about when it comes to people's thoughtful feelings. Most people that have posted without praise still mean it, they are just too ocupied at getting EAW working in the first place (a universal problem) and then when they do they enjoy it I would like to think.
  12. Filling up those ''ugly' terrain tiles

    I see the ledges around the building, that must have made it harder to make. Anyway good going. To bad it takes so long given the current tools used for the last 15 years or more are the same.
  13. 160 and Support?

    I think you just place the 7z files into the main game folder and unzipp, let it over write by confirming yes to some of them. If your not paying atttention to what your doing you can mess up. Jel can't really provide a single 7z I don't think, either too large or portions get updated from time to time. I forget why. I use to wait for the single standalones myself before downloading anything. Alright well hope you figure it out.
  14. 160 and Support?

    uh? the eaw.ini file, delete it. EAW will rebuild it when run, then set up a single mission and fly it.
  15. 160 and Support?

    No evidence shown to you, no. The fact is there are more visitors than there are participating users posting. Maybe that statement will help you figure the math. I been around helping people long enough with this project and others and I know the math myself, I just didn't know you want to challenge everything I say, and make it problematic.

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