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  1. EAW Tool Pack

    Just a notice, slight update to the tool pack. No need to re download it though unless your after some CDF extractors and other minor changes. I will be adding more to the pack, but if your gonna re-download it now, could you please offer feedback and provide readmes for some or any tool you know how to use. You can post here or PM me. Thanks. I also sorted out the CDF extraction tools on the files section of the help site. Reduced the archive count and repacked what I had left. Note: The Win98 (CDFRW.exe) extractor will not run on 64 bit systems as its a 16bit program. Other file descriptions added as well.
  2. Codegroup Patches and Install Help

    I think so. However everyone I know plays its safe with v1.2 though. At least to play the Stock Campaign by Microprose.
  3. Harvest, an UHR terrainset

    Its as detailed as those old Microsoft WWII Close Combat games I use to play. I can see the men now marching along a row of bushes.... Looks good and hi-rezzy. :)
  4. New 3D smoke file

    I'm not sure if I was clear. The white smoke, the main trail at the end is kinda big. (not the dissipating trail at the very end). Doesn't matter that much, its just what I noticed. No need to worry about it, really. But thanks for the consideration.
  5. New 3D smoke file

    The ground strike smoke looks good! The trailing smoke from a plane seems slightly odd, since its so big and dense at the end of the trail. Well its dense for too long of a duration I think, maybe too far back from the plane. But it still looks cool though, I can see where you have thinned it out after the dense trail, however.
  6. Calling RIBob

    Wow Moderator Balls,.... hardly made sense. But yeah its clear chief. I disagree though, I don't act like a kid at all in my posts, have you read them? Before really knowing whats going on. and I don't threaten people, I work around and adjust. That's what I did and have done. I really don't care otherwise. Have a stress free day Stratos.
  7. Calling RIBob

    Stratos, my posts are gone. WTH man. LOL! I don't know what mixing with other peoples posts means. You mean off topic posts? I think RIBob continued this topic on a SimHQ thread anyhow.
  8. Codegroup Patches and Install Help

    I've finally updated the doc with some added install and usage information.
  9. My new modern Monitor I just got has me updating this info. I've updated the first post and have additional information added to the help docs referred too. Basically the meat of the info is my old monitor lacked builtin scaling so i loaded it off to the GPU, and capped at a steady 30fps during game. My new monitor I can scale properly on it and I benefit with some additional FPS during the flight screen while still maintaining a 1024x768 4:3 ratio at 120hz refresh rate-on the monitor. The game doesn't display at that rate though. Can get a bit confusing, but hopefully I filled out the help docs enough to explain it correctly, to what I understand it to be.
  10. I'll be updating this Help Doc soon: CodeGroup Patches and Install Help Doc. https://eaw.neocities.org/codegroup-patches.html
  11. Mod help Required

    Thanks guys for the word and links. Remember when the codegroup buddys asked what can be done over at SimHQ regarding information posting.... Well Everyone posted back at that question that they should sticky links to my web site at the top of the EAW forum. The codegroup buddies just ignored that and moved on from their own question without providing links to my web pages. With that said they also said they would help 3DZ model modders or modders in general, then pulled that statement as punishment. But in reality there was no intentions on helping in the first place. Its a sham. Anyhow I have pulled back from writing any new material. I don't want to bother VBH with a million 3DZ model questions and he preferred we talk it out anyhow, which would be easier on him and I understand that. However Since we where being punished by a codegroup buddy, I could not fill out the help document with out learning everything from scratch. I do not want to put that much time into it without details first. We probably could have solved the faulty models sin-drum in the wake of writing a new help doc. So I have restrained and moved on to other non related EAW projects for now. If I get feedback and details in the future coming at me, I may return to write some more help documents. Until then I'll probably be hanging about now and then. Anyhow, if theres anything you can do to make EAW newbies aware of my help information, that would go a long way into helping people out, which is what its all about. Thanks to those who helped me out so far, you know who you are!
  12. (re)birth of a carrier

    Keep going VBH. Thats a solid looking model.
  13. Why are people using the names of my addons?

    I don't know about you VBH, but I think they could have come up with a better name for an add-on than stealing your idea for a name. But I think thats your point. You guys need to remember too, that even EAWv1.2 has a superior interface, hence 160 is so difficult to use because of its external frontend (also that it requires special files to be installed to get it to work even.). Even with the dummies frontend you made and named, its hard. But whatever, just cause you can't do anything about it, doesn't mean its not a problem. Now I'm off the OP of this thread. ugh.
  14. Why are people using the names of my addons?

    Not petty, nor little. You guys are so obvious. lol I'm rolling..... You guys couldn't stay on the specific topic if you had too. ha ha The use of "Final Cut" in the project name is another jab at VBH. It's clear.
  15. Why are people using the names of my addons?

    I seen it and its all sick behavior. Somethings wrong with someones thinking. or they know how well your product is and they are jealous. Its one of those.

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