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  1. What can experienced users tell me about EAW 3DZ modelling, RS and tools? I'm not trying to build anything specific and I don't have a whole lot of time to learn, But highlights would be favorable. Like I know for EAWv1.2 there are specific programs used. I think I have them all. Unfortunately some are DOS , some are WindowsOS usage. I know you plan out the model before you begin using the 3DZ Studio program (which one is best?) How would I keep the RS in check as I add to the model? etc.. Thank you in advanced for the help and tips.
  2. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    I cross reference files with web site info when i could. I have info on files that I don't actually have yet or ever. Anyhow, I found most of the popular web sites that remain within a decade after EAW was released. only cover a tiny fraction of what was really available over the years. What does that mean. It means there where no web site links or info on the files, perhaps maybe they where linked in a forum or passed around. Many don't include original archives or readmes. Making things even harder to distinguish. Anyhow. no work on the files in about a week. I usually work on them when i feel I can spend a good amount of time working with them.
  3. EAW Install Files

    Extract 129 to a safe location like you would have practiced with 1.2 and delete the eaw.ini that comes with it, then run eaw.exe as far as I know it should start up with standard screens. I have not had anything but 1.2 and an un-offical hack of the 1.26 and the un-official 1.60 versions up and running in the past year maybe. EAWPRO is a given and that's similar to 1.2 with the special effects etc though.
  4. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    Yes Sir. That Morais guy, he did a lot for EAW back then as well. Minor tools that where needed, and you probably still use. :)
  5. The aspect ratio of 4:3 Is what I prefer, you can stretch the image if you want. Some people call it wide screen when the do that but its not really. I have more info of course in another help doc on my site. I think I referenced it in the other doc :). Let me look it up.... https://eaw.neocities.org/eaw-known-bugs-feature-ideas.html#featurevideo
  6. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    I did find some of the missing files in another folder. But I'll keep you in mind if I'm missing anything else. Thanks VBH. EDIT: I thought it was Alessandro Borges that made the first DOS Studio? (I have his pascal src and his 1st update(presumably his last) to his 2nd studio program)
  7. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    Thanks VBH. Looks like I found another stash of studio files including the source code for I think two of them, one for DOS , one made in VB. Might be ColGibbons src from Gurneys Window version. Also found the Normals.exe source code too. But I yet to move some of the files into the proper folders to upload. (There actually already up there but, in the wrong folders and not filled out on my files.hrml help doc., so harder to find right now) I found some other tools that I thought I deleted, but I simple misplaced them. like 3dz Mirror rotate and nodeweld and such....I'm just glad there not gone. :) I don't know if I'll get to them this evening or not.
  8. EAWHS Files Section Updated

    I would if I could get enough consolidation done. For an example, like files in the same archive together. I don't want to duplicate the entire archive as it would not be clear to anybody what stuff is what. I have a hard time tracking down detailed descriptions to alot of the files. I'll keep it in mind to try to provide adequate downloads here. I have been working on a modding archive outside of all this that maybe perfect here. Thanks BTW. Over and out.
  9. I managed over two or three days and nights to clean up the TOOLS section of the files I host on mediafire, and actualy provided file information for all the files on my help site. I know its not a big deal , but it was alot of work. I found some information I didnt know about and tools I wasnt sure about. I condensed some of the downloads too. The tool section is also part of the Reference, Editing, and Manager sections. The manager section I did only for the sake of doing it as most of those programs are too old for modern computers, unless you can get them running. I guess there was the original 3dzStudio program in dos, and a last beta version with a pascal source code. I don't have the source code for the Windows port of the 3DZ!Studio from Gurney or WB. I would like it as that program can stand to be improved. I did happen to find WBs three updates he made, as far a 2011 he was working on it for GUNSHIP!. Anyway alot of work, and the tool section still needs some consolidating of archives. The rest of the files do too, like all the add-ons but I doubt I'll fully get them done with a bit of help from someone that knows more about these files than I do. But that person hasn't stepped forward yet. Theres just so many directions i can go with me Help Site, and it occupys my time well enough when I can sit still long enough in front of my Computer. :) But The files do need work, but I can only move so fast without the volenteer help or knowledge needed. And the EAW enthusiast are sparse. okay, well thats what I been doing.
  10. I just want to say Thank You to RIBob mostly in the past few months (skip 1 or 2 :) and recently for providing feedback openly and in PMs as he goes along with getting EAW and using my site for help. I directly tackle the problems he's having and suggestions, then clarify or write up new sections/topics in my help documents. Recently I moved help text around for installing EAW in special folders outside of the normal location for important reasons, and I then went through the entire doc making slight changes based on experiences he mentioned in-directly. As did a few others. I had fun writing the improvements to the install help docs recent changes and I am eager for you all to benefit from them. Any questions are viable even if you have not read my site. But for your own Help, please read the first few pages FIRST USE and INSTALL Help Documents before attempting adding EAW to your own system, follow the steps/preferred order in them.
  11. There's is a nocd for 1.2 and EAWPRO has nocd built in.
  12. After you said you tried NoCD exe's over v1.2, are you still running EAWPRO? It should say so in the lower left hand corner of the main menu screen. The cursor thing seems to be a very old problem, I only had that problem once, I run my eaw.exe either from a wrapper or directly by clicking on it. So I don't know for sure whats going on with it. I think Jel said run it from a shortcut on the desktop or from the taskbar to remove the arrow.
  13. Well if you have a v1.2 up and running then I guess you don't need the NoCD exe. The MOVIES.CDF is 1kb in size, so maybe you want it or not. The Empty Movie cdf is here http://www.mediafire.com/file/436z7q1zca8481m/SmallorEmptyMoviesCDF.7z/file The official patches I have here: (You only need v1.2 patch) http://www.mediafire.com/folder/aoueg9jmc21nt/game-patch-official Track IR: I have instructions from a few people here in the joystick help doc (scroll down a bit): https://eaw.neocities.org/joystick-controls.html#controlwork Thats primarly just simple instructions, nothing majorly detailed, that the Track IR device should have instructions with it.
  14. Yeah, no problem. Just ask your questions when your ready or need too.
  15. Hmm, the 'First Use' Help Document' on my site is where people should start. One guy on here had issues with the INTRO Movie, he said he read my site, but I don't think he followed it like he was suppose to or he would had solved his own issue rather quickly. -Don't Install, but select the files on the CD then copy them into a new folder on like your 2nd drive or someplace, check the install help doc. -You'll want the 1.2 NoCD EXE and the empty 1kb MOVIES.CDF file off of my file archives. (If you need help finding them, PM me). -Then get v1.2 running okay. Copy it and add the EAWPRO archive to it, over write files. -You should be good to go, you may want the EAWPRO exe to write its own default eaw.ini. -Its all on my site of course everything you need to know about getting EAW working....post here and I'll continue to help. -You may want to forget the D3DWrappper, depends if it will help, but using it could have issues at first...I can explain later.

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