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  1. UAW150V4 TWF ww1 V.2

    To think of it, you may be able to get a 150 from Jel or the 352nd group web site.
  2. UAW150V4 TWF ww1 V.2

    This one says to copy into a 150?? I thought it was standalone. :\ No I don't have a 150 on my site, sorry.
  3. UAW150V4 TWF ww1 V.2

    Here, RIBob, this might be the one you want.................
  4. I think he has a newer game based or using Jels 150 version uploaded here on CombatAce some where.......Thats WWI. I haven't never got a response from this guy, so good luck too. I'd like to hear what you have to say about "his compilation"
  5. EAWPRO's contrails

    I uploaded the zip. I added the other zip to it, cause I couldn't line up the dates on the file so i figured i just drop the zip in with some renaming. EAWPRO_Glide-Contrail-FIX.zip is the file I added to your Basic core file download. Check my FXEXE Help Documnet that VBH wrote for links: https://eaw.neocities.org/fxexe-patches.html
  6. EAWPRO's multicolored tracers

    Looks good. I'll say it again. the 3 colors per tracer looks cool. (I know you answered this before) But VBH, its that 3 colors or do they fade into each other? (more colors than 3?)
  7. Its "EAWPRO", right? 1.28E? Can't mix with the codegroup version. EAWPRO goes over v1.0 or 1.1 or v1.2
  8. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    okay. I will test on Win10 without Wrapper. I may ditch the DXWND wrapper as the medium range planes are jittery no matter how well the FPS are (I believe on all versions of EAW). I couldn't find the correct settings or combination of settings as I don't know or better, don't understand whats happening. So in turn , I'm not sure which settings or workarounds need to be set or applied. EDIT: Okay, I got the 7217 error, so I had to reintroduce the registry entry for Win10, the DWM8And16BitMitigation value since win10 didn't reapply/apply it upon launch outside of the wrapper. I had to foloow my own directions in my troubleshoot help doc on my site. :) So I don't get the not responding at the loading of the flight screen, I get 10 sec or more delay for screen transitioning as a result of win10's recent updates. I yet have tracked down what might have been set or changed by Microsoft that would cause this problem. Anyway the 1.60 is responding steady loading on the load screen now.
  9. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    As I said loosely, Its defiantly all of the 1.60 exes and it doesn't matter the settings, I've altered many and tested. (IDK if an earlier exe and gamedata results in this). I could try a 1.40 install, if I have one around here to test it, to see if it bottom outs the FPS counter and displays not responsive at the top in DXWND wrapper. EDIT: OKAY. I ran 1.40. It happens with that version too. I tried many settings and no random. It became non responsive about the same location of loading the flight screen but it was much faster recovery back to normal responsive thread...it loaded faster overall on the 5 run of single mission. I think its just the amount of game data it has to load and compute other eaw world data. It could be simply I have the DXWND Wrapper configured wrong and it could be hogging all the resources. But it runs without this issue on v1.2 and 1.26 and EAWPRO. (My system varies in that its components are from 2009-2016. )
  10. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    ooops, don't remember you asking, I missed the question. I'll have to try that specifically.. (I believe I did that before with no random) I'll try it though. EDIT: Just tried it again. With selected planes (no random) I still get not responding halfway through loading the flight screen. (instant action was off too). I just thinking its resource hogging / memory usage is demanding of sorts. But IDK for sure.
  11. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    eh, I get the drop in response whatever I do. It makes it through most of the time though. If I ever figure out the reason as far as the technical part of it, I'll post about it.
  12. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    I'll do some more tests in single player non random. However I do get a slight drop too 0 fps (non responsive) on the first main screen when the 160 loads up. Not sure if thats related to the other loading issue. Again just to make it clear, I'll be using DXWND wrapper, since win10 increased the delays of the loading screens I can't test it in plain 'native' compatibility to determine anything regarding this issue.
  13. European Air War HD

    I forgot what this file was, I DL it a long time ago. I think its just v1.28 of some sort, and looks to be in french. I'd ask MrJelly what you need to download rather than use these files. Or just install stock 1.2 and get EAWPRO by VBH.
  14. EAW 1.60 Barebones Control Issues

    If your using some type of gaming keyboard, this maybe the issue. Try a standard keyboard. There are two help docs you can read. Joystick and Controls and Troubleshoot Help Docs at my web site. https://eaw.neocities.org/joystick-controls.html https://eaw.neocities.org/troubleshoot.html
  15. UAW1.60 Becomes Non responsive.

    Looks like 160 Special and 160 Foundation all do the same thing. It hangs but if the cache has loaded previously, it seems to load smoother. (less halting and more response) I notice the FPS drop to 0 on the loading screens when they become non responsive. It just must be loading all the eaw world and mission data thats keeping it from going through that screen with ease. I tried 1.26 sydbod and it loads quickly, no drops in fps during the loading screen. (the thread stays active). I didn't run it through Win10 because the loading of the flight screen is delayed 10 secs because of a Win10 change that MS put out, that you realized at one point. Thats why we or atl east me went with DXWND.

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