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  1. European Air War in 2019

    Well SweetFX and Reshade are post processing, meaning they build on whats there and add additional graphical features. But I'm seeing that the DX6-7 code is not supported or the weird 32 bit eaw.exe is not either. Again like VBH says, we need a programmer that can code in graphical API's. I personally wouldn't want much (not much in the sense of modern games) just the benefits of DX9 or 10 code would make me happy. So we can loose this compatibility crap (not all crap, some of Windows OSs fixes work well). But the wrappers could be dropped to0. Thus no extra overhead. Then new menu screens and configuration screens can be properly added, perhaps liven up the object view to proper standards, or just removed from the code all together. But EAW is great now if you want to deal with all the workarounds and extra overhead. This post may sound like I'm putting EAW down, but I'm not, as my help site has had a lot of hard work put into it to keep players around to actually use the game.
  2. European Air War in 2019

    I have my doubts that its working with the DX6 code in EAW. If nothing more than some already working AA video settings. EAW seems to have some effects that are native to EAW's code that it will take advantage of if its avalable like Table Fog or even Vertex Fog (I think one is hardware supported the other is software driven). I tried to find out a few times the type of other effects EAW has built in thats a video card panel settings could activate, but I either got no answer or info I already knew. So basically no help or understanding.
  3. European Air War in 2019

    I can't tell with those screenshots, no planes close up. However I tried ReShade on Windows 10 with EAW with and without the DXWND Wrapper. I really didn't notice anything either in that configuration. Maybe someone with a better eye can tell?
  4. European Air War in 2019

    come on. Your joking. :) I said that , but I don't know how easy it is to enable and disable that Reshade. I'll have to read up on about it. Looking forward to your comparison shots. :) BTW There is another post processing effects program: I tried SweetFX, it ran EAW with it, but I was unable to produce any improvements in it, I primarily tried to display split screens to see if it would work but couldn't. It might be because of two things wrong; EAW runs a 16 bit graphic engine and a less than DX9 game (eaw uses 6 or 7). According to the SweetFX instructions, you need a 32 bit game with DX9 (which emulation uses) for the effects to work, I guess. I'm no expert nor did I try to set my nvidia control panel to the maximum settings. You guys might have some luck with it.
  5. European Air War in 2019

    SkyHigh, The ReShade, I'm un certain if its making a difference. You should be-able to launch EAW with and with out the Reshade thing being active to obtain screen comparison shots? I know the up converted DX code dgvoodoo2 uses shades (dll) allows for the fog to be viewable in WinVista/7 with a DX10 (or11 I forget which) video card.
  6. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    All the notes I have for 129 seem to be just something about the tilemaps, new and old. https://eaw.neocities.org/codegroup-patches.html#129 But game data was probably updated as well.
  7. EAWPRO X-Mas upgrade

    Cool damages / particles. BTW VBH, All updated on the EAWPRO1.0_Basic.zip file on my mediafire account, ready for more downloads. :)
  8. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Thats odd. Unless your using a wrapper on one and not the other(129)...... Could be controller related issue too, the game will CTD if the controls are not configured properly if you have some hooked up. EAW sometimes detects wrong. I don't think anything that would effect screen res was modified in 129. However document notes on the changes I think where not available and only a general run down of what was changed exists. I'd have to go over my site and read the notes Jel provided some time ago. Also, I noticed Jel had just posted a newer 129 version on media fire from last year, it may be a better version by a few months. that you may want to check out. Goto SimHQ Forums or wait for him to post here.... PS Make sure you use a unique game folder name like \129Basic or \129 Cause windows surly wrote some reg entries from your previous tests. Thanks for answer my questions and providing a detail account of your trials.
  9. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Well don't leave us hanging. Could you at least please answer the questions I have asked in previous post for others to learn from?
  10. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    Did you use the download linked in this thread? or Did you get 129 elsewhere? I got the file I have working for 129 on Win10, even the smacker movie playedback, but slow. (I'm running EAW: 1.29 NewMap 26th January 2016) Anyhow: You maybe getting that error during the movie playback. For some reason jel included the 284meg movie with it. You need to delete the eaw.ini configuration file first. Then download an empty MOVIES.CDF and replace the one in the games main folder. (or just hit ESC key to bypass the movie before it crashes) Then run the eaw.exe directly to load upto the main screen, then goto instant mission and see if it loads the flight screen.
  11. Basic v1.29 (supports drop and play)

    According to Jel on the SimHQ EAW forum, he's examining this version download (along with others) and is determining if its "OK".. I think hes rechecking what he uploaded previously to his account and replacing what needs to be replaced. But IDK for sure. MrJelly should have a working updated 129 in the future, from what I gather.
  12. Here's Col. Gibbons download of the Basic version of 1.29 from JAN 2016. (452.62MB) I believe its been stripped down to just the Europe Area It supports drop and play supposedly, just like the stock game I guess. See if you can get this one to work. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wiw0d6py43kidwf/EAW129+Basic.exe
  13. European Air War HD

    I think theres a 1.29 version floating around that Col Gibbon had from Jel. I think it was a stripped down to the essentials. I may have it, but someone else may find it first.
  14. European Air War HD

    According to the odd instructions for this download, it looks like you just need stock v1.2 and dump the mod into it. ???
  15. European Air War HD

    In the past I downloaded everything here on CombatAce from this author, most of it was just repacked from other files from other web sites offered as something new. I requested info from the author but never got any from him, so i deleted all his files I downloaded from CombatAce. So I'm with Russ, no documentation or text files, these files are just taking up space. All the large files are just WWI stuff applied over an earlier version of the game. I'd say anything after v1.29/1.30 is redundant anyway. EX: 1.40 isn't any better for use than 150.

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