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  1. Folks, how goes EAWPRO with the wrapper for you? Are you using the right version of the DxWnd wrapper with the profile i've provided? I found that the programmer rearranges somethings in the users interface sometimes, so so settings may change or be removed when importing into a different version of the wrapper that I used to export the settings.
  2. Here's the newest of the profiles: https://eaw.neocities.org/files-my-downloads.html
  3. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    Thanks! Its updates to Windows10 and to the DxWnd Wrapper that change, so far the versions I used of EAW stay the same. In one or two instances it was my personnel settings in Win10 that changed that effect the game, usually security stuff.
  4. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    okay after hours and hours (last night and today) of EAW not working at 1024x768, I found the one setting to get it to work. I'll try to upload some new DxWnd profiles when I get a chance, for non windows-full screen settings. I'm trying to have one set of profiles but might have to have two separate downloads, depending on what a player would want. https://eaw.neocities.org/files-my-downloads.html That links for a few profiles for FULL Screen use with a eaw.ini res setting of 1024x768 in some of the EAW games. They should work with window mode too and lower res. In general, It was a limit resources tweak that use to be an option, but the programmer moved things around on his DxWnd option screens. So I didn't have a clue (for hours, whew) once I set the 4 initial settings to get good full screen and I didn't know why it didn't work.
  5. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    I'm now having issues with the resolutions at and higher ; 1024x768 (eaw.ini). The full screen is all red during the launch into the flight screen. So DxWnd seems the issue and not EAW as lower res works in full screen and so did 1024x768 before. Not sure which version of DxWnd it started in, however. So v1.2 set at 800x600 in the eaw.ini can run at full screen.
  6. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    I got the settings for Full Screen use. You turn off a few and turn on about 4 other settings. I documented it on my troubleshoot wrappers help doc on my site. look for the DxWnd wrapper, should be the first one presented. https://eaw.neocities.org/troubleshoot-wrappers.html Refresh the page to get the latest!!
  7. EAW, buy GOG or Steam?

    Yeah, your right....from everything everyone tells me GOG is better to deal with there site/software than steam, just in general. I pretty sure the GOG/Steam installer for EAW from these sites won't run on WinXP, not sure about Vista. I can't remember though if you could find a way to open there installer without running it, if you had too. I also read about Steam overlay software (I guess its called something like that) won't work on older systems soon. Just like Wizard43 said. :)
  8. EAW, buy GOG or Steam?

    GOG was first and the Steam was 2nd to get EAW. They are both the same game; A super patched v1.2. Both require a new ddraw.dll to be present....... Read my GOG Patches Help Document. (be sure to keep reading CombatACE EAW forum for more hints for GOG users). https://eaw.neocities.org/gog-patches.html
  9. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    I did a few test, and it's really touchy to get full screen for both the menus and the flight screens at the 'same time'. But I managed to get one or the other working at full screen. I do need help in discovering exactly what's going on and why the full screen mode / settings are touchy. I do still prefer a game in the windows frame, however while using the frame you can upscale the resolution and make it 'appear' as the screen is full. I use a 4:3 ratio (square) res on mine. If anyone finds anything that works for full screen, let me know please! I'm only mainly concerned with getting the flight screen in full, as the menu screens are fine to view at actual size.
  10. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    Remember once you import the DxWnd profiles I made, (which give 64 FPS in Direct3D/DX mode on Win10, the preferred method on my flight screens), you can modify the profile for full screen. If you need help with getting the profiles to open to full screen, let me know. I don't normally play at full unless I have a special reason too. But I am willing to help.
  11. GOG (or Steam) EAW 1.2 or 1.28

    Career "Crash To Desktop" (EAW error): From what I can tell, a (Dec 2023) security update to Win10 causes the career to fail to save every time. It appears to crash the game, however it is a giving a EAW write/create error. Since I don't remember this Pilot Career save error from before (and its not related to the films that play) I also have watched videos of the standard EAWv1.2 play natively on Win10, in Pilot Career, several times, without issue. So the GOG Wrapper/v1.2GOG eaw.exe won't be able to pull off this without an update from GOG, or a Win10 security change...... For now make a portable copy of your GOG download and patch it with 1.26, The 126 patch shouldn't have the save career problem when run natively. or just add a standard MPS v1.2 eaw.exe (as all other game data is identical to GOG, so the MicroProse's official exe will work). You can get the 126 patch or a 1.2 exe here at CombatACE. or my EAWHS mediafire download location: Files Link; https://eaw.neocities.org/files.html Use the DxWnd Wrapper by ghotik and use my profiles for the game. Download them from my help site. https://eaw.neocities.org/files-my-downloads.html PS: Sorry for all the directions and no links added (check around until I figure something out for links)
  12. EAW game exe filename

    Various versions of the EAWv1.2 game.exes , in same game folder, using same ini and same gamedata. The modified dates are just the date I extract or copied out of an archive. (BTW, there are a bunch of hex edited v1.2's that I can add to test thing out quicker, I just haven't added them yet.)
  13. DxWnd Wrapper EAW Profiles

    Here is one of my Icon shortcuts for the DxWnd Wrapper. The 12, 12(NoOs) ,12x ,12a, are all in the same game folder. The others are separate full installs or standalones.
  14. Many Copies , New Help Document

    I will keep up the good work, thank you! I just don't know what direction to take with things, as feedback is thin. Anyway, I still need to update this help doc a bit. Anyone having issues with this help doc?
  15. New Help Document of sorts. (I'm still working on it) This doc tells you the three methods I know to have multiple installs of EAW. Most of us just to full installs and copy the game folder to make new installs. The other methods are not much use anymore, other than for testing stuff out. https://eaw.neocities.org/many-copies.html

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