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  1. Let's ADD to This Forum

    I only had the site since I think Feb 2015, or was it 2016? heh can't recall right now. So the real work (VBH and CodeGroup with their games) where supporting a small group of followers too. and anyhow like I said you helped me a lot with feedback, which helped others. So you count in regards to supporting EAW as well. No need to be so hard on yourself regarding where you stand with computers, from what you tell me your doing just fine with them. I'm no expert myself, I carry on like everyone else, wondering how to do things, and how to in the right way. Thanks for your help and support.
  2. Let's ADD to This Forum

    @RIBob Not sure why you keep thinking less of yourself as far as EAW technical stuff goes / or for any reason. You've given me a ton of quirky info that I needed to be added to my Help Site. Hence VBH and You wanted it reorganized, so I did it. Took all night one night, but I got most of it in place during that time. :) I don't know if cross posting here at CombatACE and SimHQ EAW forums is ideal. However, Maybe it is, I find that I give different info on similar topics based on responses in each forum. Its hectic to maintain ones deliverance of info when divided by two locations. But Again However, I find Some topics get polluted quickly with some posters not staying on topic, and they derail it. Sometimes the similar topic on the other forum remains on the original posters subject. LOL. I'm just being funny. But I do know derailed threads are harmful for those seeking true feedback. To me I just write up a new help doc and call it a day :) That Help doc can be viewed over and over again and be ready for anyone who cares for it. PS I've just noticed my Reputation is a +7. Ha. I don't really use that feature for anything so I won't be worrying about using that click bait stuff for anyone either. :) I can express it in my posts with text, thank you for understanding...... BTW I responded to your current PM recently ;)
  3. European Air War in 2019

    I meant to say when I had VIRTUALIZATION Enabled in my Bios, it made my system choppy. I don't know why or if I even had it fully enabled or what. In Win10 if you check your Performance and it says something HYPER-V enabled yes or no, that will tell you if its working, I think. In the same tab it says something about Virtualization Supported, yes or no. That should tell you if the bios and hardware support VM use, perhaps??? I think. Again I can't spend much time on this. Above Jel says his vid card wont run EAW in VM WinXP on a Win10 system. I was thinking you could emulate or access your win10 video card by selecting an old video card type from some setup screen for the VM configuration. I guess not.....???
  4. EAWPRO cockpit gunflash activated

    I don't want to derail this thread, but you should remind your self once in awhile that EAW is an arcade-ish type of a game. Meaning it presents stuff sometimes in a cartoon-ist way, but sorta believable. Like the muzzle flashing, is probably 'bigger than life', cartoon-ish, but well enough to be enjoyable and playable. Areas like that you can't be too serious about the game. If this makes any sense.
  5. Win10 EAW Menu Transition Slow Down introduced back in April of 2018: Has been fixed in the latest win10 updates and /or the nvidia driver in the past month. All I know is I tried EAW out recently and found that the menu screens come up with only a instant to 2 sec delay of black screen. I may research later into why this is, but not sure when. or if I will beable to determine what fixed it. So if you have ideas or proof please let me know. EDIT: It could possibly be that I installed the DX9 (all versions of 9) on my Win10 system from a old game that came with a DX installer(the latest) available. It just a guess as I was thinking the DX files where corrupt or missing. Anyhow I dont have those long delays anymore for the menu screens changing. Basically I'm saying if you still have long 10 seconds or more menu screen transitioning in EAW to try the full June2010 DX9 download from Microsoft. It may be that it contains more DX files EAW runs better with. It contains the same DX9( varous versions that Win10 has). It won't harm your Win10 computer since it replaces corrupt DX files and adds updates only. (missing or older files). If you confirm your menu delay before installing the June2010 DX9 versions, please let us know , thanks.
  6. Installing EAW

    You say that all the time Russ ;) Besides that, I touched up the install Help Doc. System Requirements section got rearranged and updated slightly. Based on RIBobs insistent choice of words, telling me I'm that its a mistake to leave out the option for VM use for EAW, I have included a small blurb about it. Thanks for showing me the light. :) Since I have no intention of testing it out, I have nothing further to add to my site other than the short blurb. That's unfortunate as RIBOB indicates that its a great option for those willing to use it if they have available to them the proper software and supported OS and hardware.
  7. EAWPRO cockpit gunflash activated

    RIBob, what do you think of the defaulted Cockpit Muzzle Flash shown in VBH screenshot in the previous post? I believe its a 3DZ model, rather than a flat sprite(?) It gives a nice atmosphere to the cockpit. Best when a friend watches you play the game and they watch the muzzle flashes in amazement as they point and go , "cool". lol.
  8. Installing EAW

    Yup. Thanks guys. I am selfless with my intentions. (However I shared my know-hows that I needed to know, with everyone else) But anyone starting off should read the First Use Help Document rather than the Install Help Document. https://eaw.neocities.org/first-use.html Read that document first, then possibly the Install Help Document after that, or wherever.....
  9. European Air War in 2019

    I know your into that VM stuff. I'm not. I did find my Virtual support thing when turned on in the bios slows my computer down. Anyhow I have a WinXP machine, its an older intel, but i recently upgraded its components with some free parts I had and some I bought new. I went with a 3.6ghz processor, but I had a 2.6 (I think) Pentium D (I guess its dual core). Not sure which one is really better..... Anyhow the WinXP machine, if you use the EAW source code you need the XP and the compiler (customly configured) to be used. Also its the only 16 / 32 bit computer I have remaining that works with some of the tools for EAW. (16 bit windows EAW tools). DosBOX EMULATOR can be used with the other DOS tools on a Win10 system. Am I derailing this thread? I hope not. I just wish to think Win10 will continue (and improve possibly) EAW support. It started right sorta, but the support seems to taken a turn......
  10. Well if you have a problem, don't hesitate to inform me. I'll try to be gentle as you helped me out and others a lot with your feedback of some of my Help Documents and overall site re-organization. That's worth something in my book. Hope you get the cable you need soon!
  11. Again, I never said I wanted to join no group. I asked , and I didnt ask anyone but one person, to have temporary and limited access to the Gens forum and then I could provide better support for the Code Groups build of their EAW. You where told this too after your first attack on me for the same exact reason, so your making things up like , you always do. I thought it was because it was just your lack of knowledge on what transpired, but something else is going on with you, very odd.
  12. Did Jel incorporate this mod into the standalone UAW160? I can't locate where I thought I read that....
  13. @RIBob , Sorry about the other thread where it goes more off topic by my posts as well as others. :\ I wouldn't worried about getting banned, say what you gotta say, no offence but perhaps you have something important to say? It could be about me or any other EAW members. I'm not afraid to read and respond. :) Anyhow don't let us ares ruin your enjoyment of EAW, what ever version or mod you use.
  14. You loose the Horizon Fog Graphic when used with NVIDIA Video Cards on WInXP and above. (actually you can loose the fog on earlier systems with more modern vid cards). The Glide Mode will restore The HFG. When used with nGlide wrapper or any other. The new exes made by independent CodeGroup use v3.0 Glide. Standard EAW use Glide 2.43 I think. So make sure the wrappers supports the Glide version the eaw.exe uses. Widescreen (BIG Stretched Screen or even Big 4:3 ratio) in Glide is possible, but most of the time it just won't except the values you enter. Direct3D Mode easily supports higher resolution.
  15. I seen this post. In anticipation I reviewed some of my Troubleshoot Help Document. Rearrange a few things and corrected a little bit of text. Mind you most of the updates where based on info I carried in my head till now about Win10 troubleshoot. Primary since I have been EAW AWOL a month or more. Ask or inform me of anything you noticed or need help with. Thanks!

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