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SF2 KAW F2H-2 Banshee Tweeks Pak -for Razbam Banshees

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SF2 KAW F2H-2 Banshee Tweeks Pak -for Razbam Banshees

SF2 KAW F2H-2 Banshee Tweeks Pak -for Razbam Banshees 7/6/2014


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


***PLEASE NOTE!!! You must have the original Razbam Payware Banshee set for all the

necessary items!!! If you can't purchase the item from the Razbam Store, do NOT

download this mod; it will do you NO good. This package =ONLY= includes those items

modded by me.***


This package contains a few (partly) repainted skin maps for the 4 original skins.

They now carry decals for Modex and BuNums.

These are =ONLY= for the F2H-2, as used in the early 1950s, particually over Korea.

Included are new decals, decal inis, number lists, userlist, etc. The repainted skin maps are:






You'll find all these items in their appropriate skin subfolders.


Also, a totaly NEW skin, for VF-172 "Blue Bolts" was created and included. This was

the first unit to take the Banshee into combat in Korea.


Skins remain in bmp format. Decal randomization is TRUE. All aircraft use a "pool" of

BuNum decals. The BuNum decals, when correct for this model, should be considered

'generic' in nature, as they represent ony the aircraft itself, not specific aircraft

in any particular unit. Both USMC units also use a "pool" of Modex numbers.

National insignia, and CVG code letters remain painted on, excepting for those on the

VF-172 skin. All markings on that one, excepting the national insignia, are decals.


A modified data, loadout, and main (F-2H2.ini) are included. A new avionics ini is

included, that activates the range-only gun radar (similiar to F-86E/F models).

Shadows have been turned OFF, due to 'tractor beam' issues. NEW damage tgas are

supplied as well.

It may be advisable for you to back up ALL the original inis, just for safety's sake.


When in game, you'll see


F2H-2 Banshee (Raz)


on the aircraft selection drop down menu.


The aircraft is carrier-capable, with all the SF2NA coding for deck 'parking'.

However, as the wings do NOT fold, you will probably NOT see them parked on the boat.

The Standard Animation Keystroke ™ is used for the canopy (Shift/0).

No weapons, sounds, pilots, etc are included. These are Razbam copyright items, and

are included in his package. Those that have NOT updated their pilot to the SF2

folderized standard, should do so soonest. OTH, the weapons used are readily available

in the KAW Weapons Pak.

Further work is required by those FM Gurus to bring it all the way home. I've done

what I can with it.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So,

please read them BEFORE installing (but after unzipping, of course). Also, give the

"Notes" section a read too.

Full credits are listed in the usual place, down with the "Notes".


Good Hunting, and Happy Landings!


Kevin Stein


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