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Introducing “DCS: F-86F Sabre”
Belsimtek is preparing the upcoming launch its next flight simulation title: DCS: F-86F Sabre. Current plans are for a pre-order release with access to open beta versions in July, 2014.
Focusing on another aviation legend, Belsimtek is excited to offer an opportunity to pilot a pioneering jet fighter spawned in the dawn of the jet age – the F-86 Sabre. Built by North American Aviation, the Sabre is one of the most well known American fighters of the 20th Century.
The Sabre demonstrated its combat potential in the Korean War, with which this fighter is largely associated. The silver fuselage marked with thick yellow stripes in black outline became a symbol of the air war over Korea. In addition to air combat, the Sabre undertook countless bombing and ground attack missions. Reflecting its combat reputation, the F-86 was built in great numbers – over 7,000 airframes (9,860 according to some sources). The last flying F-86 was not retired from service until 1993, having established a service life record. Some continue to be flown by private owners to this day.



DCS: F-86F Sabre offers an opportunity to learn how to fly and operate this historic fighter as well as employ all of its weapon systems in the full combat environment of DCS World. The aircraft’s multiple capabilities are fully represented in the simulation. As a fighter, it is armed with six Colt-Browning M3 .50-caliber machine guns. In the ground attack role, it can drop free-falling bombs or fire unguided rockets.





Combat effectiveness is enhanced by the computing gun sight and the target ranging radar. Up to four fuel drop tanks can be carried for long-haul missions such as air combat patrols or escort. All of the external stores, as well as the airplane itself, are faithfully and beautifully reproduced.
The flight model is created using original data sources, including wind tunnel tests of the actual airplane. The flight model correctly represents the Sabre’s specific characteristics throughout the flight envelope from takeoff to landing. All of the aircraft’s systems are modeled in great detail based on its technical documentation, allowing the player to learn how to operate all of the aircraft’s systems and the functions of each switch, knob, and button in the cockpit. The cockpit itself is fully 3D, interactive and functional.



The knowledge and experience gained as a virtual pilot of DCS: F-86 Sabre will provide unique insights to this historic aircraft and flying in general. You will feel the difference between taking off light with a minimal fuel load and fully laden with internal fuel and four drop tanks, or what happens as an airplane stalls and how a spin develops in a first generation jet. The F-86 is known as a pioneer in the jet age for its ability to break the sound barrier in a high speed dive. Now you can experience this feat first hand, as well as the complex dynamic effects which made achieving it so difficult! Keeping with the best DCS traditions, the dynamic flight and deep systems modeling recreate a real “living” machine that is a joy to fly and awesome to take into the fight.



Now is the time to make the switch from advanced modern jets like the F-15 and Su-27, with their automated control systems, powerful engines, and sophisticated targeting and weapons systems and put flight and fight back into the hands of the pilot in the cockpit and his workhorse fighter. Aim for the vulnerable engines when targeting bombers using guns only and master the maneuvering fight against the MiG-15 (now in development!).



An easy mode is provided for beginners, which eases flight control and reduces the tendency to stall and spin. Auto engine start and cockpit hints are provided as well. A complete flight manual, including the airplane’s history, construction and systems descriptions, aerodynamic characteristics, flight and combat employment procedures is included. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, aviation enthusiast or gamer, this flight simulation has something to offer.
We hope this new title provides our existing fans and newcomers an exciting and enjoyable experience in mastering the F-86 - another pinnacle aircraft in aviation history.
The Belsimtek Team








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